Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


You are aware that a shit ton of ppl actually play atlas because they enjoy it right? I’m in love with atlas I don’t play it for just the gear or the stuff you get from it. I enjoy taking people’s shit and being competitive.


Just as a quick primer here

Spell scaling is one the things we as gpf have been asking for for months.

Pg brought a version to table and we have been testing it for a few weeks

As part of their commitment to listening to players more, and with the player base asking to be let into changes for the opportunity to give meaningful input into this, but also to know what’s coming so they dont get completely blindsided, pg and us agreed it should be previewed to all players so they have some informed insight into what’s coming.

The reason we want spell scaling is that its utterly impossible to balance dragons without it.

Without scaling a dragon thats balanced without gear is useless as soon as a base is geared. Conversely if the dragon is to have a chance vs geared bases, the spells have to be tuned to meet those bases, thus resulting in a dragon that roflstomps through non geared bases (eg Jotun vs 70s etc)

With spell scaling we can tune spells to have the same impact vs their relevant towers as well as with and without gear from rare to max elite.

It will also stop certain dragons being made redundant by gear= aka redrian with galvanic that can’t kill towers in his own tier on geared bases.

Will it be flawless - ofc not. I venture there will be quite a few over and under tuned spells - but its basic tech thats absolutely needed for future and current balancing.


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I don’t know if you can actually answer this but are y’all going to be testing the scaling throughout a variety of lvls or is most of it going to be at end game lvl?


Well that was one of my main concerns.

I physically dont have the time ; and the gpf is small.

There are some members that said they will test lower tiers.

Pg has stated its impossible to only apply it to some dragons or new tiers only etc.

The community will have to speak up if certain spells scale in a way that breaks things is my guess


That’s kinda what I was afraid of


So with all the things wrong,this is what the gpf has been begging for ?


@Ndawen If I understood Gox’s words right, this spell scaling is like a very important brick at the bottom of a Jenga ® tower.

In order to get future changes / improvements, this has to be in place, or building further up is futile… Or something like that.

Am I right, @Gox1201?


It would be unreasonable to assume this


:eyes: it’s a pvp game lol… :woman_shrugging:t2: the point of atlas is to conquer castles lol. Y’all be hitting us all the time :rofl: im not gonna apologize just like you shouldn’t have to either lol.


I think every team has taken peoples shit :wink:


This along with the 4.9 changes should be way down the list of things to do.


That’s my hope, but also somewhat concerning. Prospero is my main and he’s already very strong.


While I think spell scaling (which really means allowing riders to keep the dragon relevant with their enourmous buffs) is good and needed.

I think the mistake here is to make dragons more powerful when they already can beat any base defended

I personally believe it’s important for all things being equal that defense wins on a defended base. (If everything is max for example)

This communication seems to suggest they are allowing spells to work on top of other buffs, but they also plan to change it for dragons to be more powerful than before. This likely will remove the slightly defensive advantage (which was already a bit too eroded)

So me personally I’m very concerned that with all battles being 5 flames I’ll lose interest and feel it’s pointless to spend money on towers that can never be defended.


I’ve got to assume you’re talking at end game, because it’s not like that at my level. I can stop people on my base all day long and I can easily get stopped by defenders on a decently built base.


Those are excellent concerns and something we have in mind as well.

To add on to what Gox said:

What he’s saying in that paragraph is that for a dragon to be considered good, currently, is have a spell kit that does well on the higher end of the damage spectrum Bc the spells don’t scale with gear.

With this scaling and rebalancing of the spells before scaling is applied, it’s going to feel similar to how things are for the “OP dragons” (which still die btw’s) but also feel so much better for the castaways or dragons that just peter out vs geared bases.

It also makes it so much easier to balance future spells Bc then you don’t have to recommend a base spell percentage high enough to deal with upper geared bases but just overpower and overwhelming lower geared bases.

If implemented right, this won’t upset the balance, but rather make things balanced, and also provide a feel good situation to the player when they make decisions on a dragon with x% damage boost spell or y% heal spell and know that’s going to be consistent for them when they apply armor to it.


I’m talking about equally matched, which is more obvious at the start and end tier. (Since you cant go below min or above max, min va min is easier to see as is max vs max)

But yes I have 75 towers with a nearly maxed defensive rider. Before this change happened I was struggling to stop ANY Oni. I can now stop him but Aristrat can now effortlessly mow through without even being skilled. This change will make that situation even more so.

In their announcement they said exactly that their goal has been to have a slight defensive lean in the past. They also said their goal is to give all dragons a net boost. And if you can do math you can easily see it’s not really a small boost if you have meaningful buffs. Thus what they are implying is that it will be shifting to an offensive leaning game.

When was the last time you had a war where 250 flames wasn’t possible for a reason other than a player didn’t show up?

This is just going to get worse.

I fully agree that a big problem is how much distance there is between the top and the bottom, but making it so on average everyone can win battles is going to be far worse than you can think. If you can defend now you won’t be soon.

I HOPE they plan to rebalance this with new towers but I can’t say I can afford to buy new towers.

What they should be doing is to reduce inflation. This is going to increase it. (Long term)


You’re missing the part where spells are rebalanced before scaling applies. That’s going to be key for the balance. I have some tips on artistrat if you want in pm


Yeah I fully read and understood. But as my other post says they have basically announced an offensive leaning balance.

I hope there is an announcement for towers or defensive riders coming, but honestly I’m not sure I can afford it.

And this isn’t a fix, they need to collapse the inflation. That’s the only way anything will fix meaningfully


coughs uncontrollably