Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


I don’t think I am. Net offensive will be greater than before. No defnesive change is announced here.

Spells are nerfed 30%

Dragon Buffs alone make up for that.

You essentially had (for spells)
Base * spell amount before

Now you have (for spells)
Base * (1 + research + rider + buff + runes) * (spell * 0.7)

Research might be 15%
Rider can be easily be 40% and often more
Buffs are 30%
Runs can be almost anything let’s assume 15%

So in this for example

Base * 2 * 0.7 = Base * 1.4. (Net increase of 40% on the lower end)

On the higher end it will be over 100 easily. (Doubling spell potency)

It can leave no doubt that when all are maxed the dragons will win.

I say again they need to collapse the inflation so it doesn’t go from 1 to a billion rather than giving everyone 1 billion for nothing.


Ok, you sold me on the idea of spell scaling.

However, I await the implementation with many reservations. Many.

If this is a way to improve overall game balance, in a reasonably quick manner (we all know quick is not in PG’s toolbox, unless it’s fixing something that benefits players), then ok, we can suffer through a short period of possible imbalance caused by said scaling.

But, if possible, if needs to be where hotfixs can be made server side, to fix the many bugs on the horizon…


I think what @Lutrus is saying is that they will apply the spell boosts to the total of the base stats plus buffs (boosts + rider + gear + research + runes) - then they will adjust the spell boost percentage up or down to make the total balance.

(Base + boosts + rider + research + runes) + Spell%

Hypothetical examples with random numbers:

(1m + 30% + 40% + 15% + 15%) + 50% (original percentage modifier)… dragon turns out OP

OK, this iteration, let’s try

(1m + 30% + 40% + 15% + 15%) + 10%… dragon turns out anemic

OK, this iteration, let’s try

(1m + 30% + 40% + 15% + 15%) + 30%… dragon turns out still a little weak

OK, this iteration, let’s try

(1m + 30% + 40% + 15% + 15%) + 37%… dragon turns out pretty balance. Ta Da!

Result: After the change from applying the spell from base stats to buffed stats, we need to REDUCE the spell percentage from 50% to 37%.

Just a simplified example. Obviously it will be no small task, for every spell based on a Base % (on every dragon in every tier) - then testing through the range in possible buffs…

God bless you on your mission, GPF.


Honestly as @Gox1201 said this is a needed update. Gameplay balance is pretty broken, and has been for a long time. I personally see gear existing as the cause, but that could have been mitigated with spell scaling from the start. Gear offers so much power (isn’t a full set of elite going to be +100 to both stats) that a well - fully geared base is pretty close to impossible for an ungeared dragon, and vice versa. I don’t know, maybe I’m the only one who has a problem with gear.


:joy: seriously. Prehaps you can come fly our UAVs.


Spending is the culmination of both time and effort for most of us.


I’m confused as to how this works.

  1. Does this mean a Sapphire dragon will be able to solo bases with 75s because it’s damage for what is now a weak tier will be upgraded?
  2. Or will it’s spells be ineffective as they should be to encourage people to get new tiers and build stronger dragons and bases?
  3. Or some other option?


Isn’t this a bit extreme…


My example was correct as far as I know

They stated they will decrease all hp based spells by 30% flat. But everyone’s buff is unique and will realistically be more than 30% even for F2P players.

I understood him perfectly. This shifts the balance without additional changes. Less important for mid game but terrible for the top and bottom.

I know everyone probably thinks this is good but realistically it means more dead troops in atlas. It means Wars we care less about defending a base and more about defense points. (already a bad mechanic). Think about how many platinum teams have at least one vanguard player who now can take even the top bases without any skill if he has good gear.

The issue is with scale. It always has been. Well scale and cost, but for the sake of making this about what’s possible and less about how much money we should spend, let’s focus on scale.

And again I agree with this change on how spells apply is in the best spirit of the game. What isn’t in the best interest is changing the max offense without adjusting the max defense.

Honestly they should have not tried to kill two birds with one stone.


That dragon spells should scale with buffs (namely riders) completely agree

That the game should be changed to have dragons more powerful than equal towers, absolutely not. (He didn’t actually say that either)

This is actually changing two things. One is good, the other is bad

Are you saying an ungeared dragon should be able to take a geared base? Should a level 1 dragon also take a level 400 base?

Equally geared dragons could already take equally geared bases.

The problem was older dragons became useless due to lack of spell scaling beyond their final tier.

But I think the real issue is how much of a gap there is between harbinger and vanguard. (or possibly the cost)


Uhh. Where? I must’ve missed that.


How are spells being scaled properly if most are decreasing by 30%?

Can’t quote it, but it’s written in the original announcement.

@PGCrisis, isn’t 30% nerf means that we need 43% ( 300%/7, but let’s round up…) boost?


Oh. That. Well, per the examples, Jormungandrs Flash Freeze % was only reduced by 20% from 20% to 16%. I also took it with a grain of salt as these were meant to be examples. There’s likely going to be more testing done to ensure things are balanced properly.


You are assuming a lot. You are using numbers that admittedly have been used as examples above to demonstrate their goal, but if those were set in stone they wouldn’t need the GPF. Those numbers are bound to change and hopefullly will change differently based on the spells. Hopefully it is done to improve balance and not just mess it up differently. But taking their example as the set number is a mistake I believe.


Even if that is true, and I didn’t read it that way.

Their example ends with a net increase for any averagely geared dragon, enough to make dragons be stronger than towers at equal levels and gear. You could probably expect a similar calibration landing towers for top end users as a waste of money.

Essentially making elite weapon and shield armor mandatory to have maxed yesterday If you want to defend anything.


You make it sound like it wasn’t a waste of money beforehand :frowning:


I was happy with what I was getting when I could defend all but the most skilled fliers. Your value of money and value of the game could vary.

Not saying it wasn’t too expensive already but still had value.


I am all for more balance, but as someone without atlas, since I don’t have a significant rider buff, and no gear buff, will this decrease the power of most of my dragon’s spells? If I understand correctly, they are being lowered in percentage of damage to account for the fact that it will now be modified power. So, if we don’t have atlas is this going to hurt our dragons?


The 30% attack and hp consumable will affect dragon spell damage so you should theoretically not lose any spell power especially when you factor in research or runes. You’ll probably perform better offensively against those pesky players who do have Atlas.


Ok, cool. Thanks!