Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


We won’t know until we experience it. So I suggest we just wait and see and yell out if something breaks. :man_shrugging:


Technically yes. A good flyer who can use a good/decent dragon to its full potential should be able to beat a geared base of equal level defended.

I don’t see how this is relevant. Unless you are implying that that is the difference between geared and ungeared bases, in which case yes it should, the 400 should be a much smaller number.

Yes, but that made gear necessary. A great dragon becomes a bad dragon without gear, that just isn’t right in my head.

Yeah, but in their days was it common for a player to be hitting as high as they are now? Or were they more commonly flying against bases of their tier? If they weren’t then yes, this a much bigger problem than I pegged it as.

I’m far too low level to comment on that. I don’t think it is a primary issue in this situation since the game is unbalanced at all levels.

I definitely don’t think balance should lean toward the attacker with average flyers and defenders. I wasn’t arguing that.


Thank you. This makes so much sense


This is impossible to do without making all gear a novelty.

It started out as 40% for a full set when maxed I think, it wasn’t selling so rather than make it cheaper PG made it more lethal. 80% for max legendary and then 100% came for elite. (110%+ ish with Lorenzo or tanok)

They are both progression mechanics. It’s no different to expect a dragon with no levels to perform as good as one with levels as it is for a dragon with no gear to perform as good with.

I agree the percents are too high but that’s what I keep saying is the real problem. Ever gone to Japan and bought somethng with 80k yen? Or India with 10k rupees? I bet you wouldn’t be surprised that coins can seem silly for currencies like that. Who wants a fraction of a yen when you can with with 100 yen at a time. (I’m using made up numbers but I known both currencies are inflated terribly, or have been in the past)

The issue isn’t that we need stronger dragons. We need calibrated dragons. And we need the difference between tiers to narrow, but stay relatively in balance. This way when you have a sapphire dragon you can do more than 0 damage to a “emerald tower”.

The other issue is that gear needs to be cheaper and farmable in reasonable quantity. And obviously atlas and non atlas needs to be addressed. But none of that means make dragons stronger.

Seems fine to me. I think they need a way to test drive a full loaded dragon on an equal base. Think about it this way. Gear is forever. Unlike dragons which get replaced you can keep using gear.

I only used the highest tier as the delta is most extreme and easiest to see. It’s broken almost everywhere. Sapphire+ for sure. Technically everywhere except that the other tiers are small enough to progress through.

What they described will ensure this happens without further changes.

I’ve no doubt it means 80 85 towers are around the corner for inflated price. But I’m about to say screw defense. It’s not worth it. And I’m sure many others are too.


If you have SOME research, a rune, and flip on dragon buffs, you probably are slightly more powerful.

If you have no research, no buffs, no runes, no rider or gear, etc. this will be a 30% weakening of spells which operate on base stats rather than “modified” stats.

Chain lightning for example I believe has always operated on modified HP, which is why so many people used it with destar.

But say you still used sage or tarand for example, the explosive shield on that dragon would do not a lot of damage before even if you had a a massive rider on it… but after the change you can see the damage probably more than double. Making the dragon a lot more viable.

Overall almost everyone will see equal or increased spell impact.

But defense will not change. To be fair defense was already stacking effects, so it makes sense to operate this way, but it should be calibrated so the new max remains in calibration…


Started at 20% but otherwise, correct! I think the right move would have been making it cheaper/easier to get.

I’m in favor of this too! I want the power difference to be about 20-30% between tiers, rather than ~100% give or take; including towers. Provides a more diverse meta other than whoever the 4-5 N-tier Mythics are at any given time. Heck you might even see Neptus again. Wouldn’t that be fun?


Was pretty sure it went from 40 to 80 for legendary but mayb it was 20 before that or maybe I can’t track perfectly, but that only further drives home my point.

Yeah neptus should be a lot more viable, especially for harbinger players. But it still won’t hold a candle to itzani or pathox. Both of which should also benefit. (Imagine level 75 towers die from shaowstrikes explosion alone)

I don’t exactly know which dragons will benefit most but it should make warriors and sorcerers no longer mostly only good at the top tier they were designed for. (Corthinak May be viable again)

But I’m still worried about the balance as a whole shifting to offensive leaning.

I’d like to compose a list of spells which are base hp currently so we can see what dragons will see the most impact.


I dare not imagine how many glitches we will have after this update…at the moment it is the only thing I fear


This is what I have a problem with. Those numbers seem just too high. Forget the defenders in my earlier statement, sure. I have a problem with the fact that the game is so strongly pushed towards gear. If you want to be competitive, you pay PG a lot to upgrade your good gear, and that is unfortunately their business model. It doesn’t have to add 80-100% to be effective. Elite gear should be 80%.

True, but that difference is too high. It shouldn’t be mandatory to have gear to beat gear, that’s just something PG placed in the game to try and rake in money.

Agree to both.

Yep, I’ve felt that way for a while. Once I realized my base building mistakes it was too late to really fix them.


I said the exact thing here a month ago, glad a respected member like yourself can say the same.


A lot of players came to this conclusion years ago. Instead we kinda ignored our bases and used most gems for powering through breeding. But then Harb came and PG drastically and suddenly significantly min levels… so back to base forcus I go :disappointed:

At your level you are probably safe to not build for a tier or two before even you will need to keep building or your dragons will be cappped


Exactly this!


@PGCrisis @PGJared

The only thing I want to really know and what I think would be most helpful in explaining the new scaling, is… at what point is the Atlas Rider going to make the dragon stronger than the previous calculations?

Ie. will RIider Gear HP +30% be net zero gain and +29% now be weaker and +31% now be stronger than before?

What is that point where the rider HP buff makes it better?


This isnt a simple answer

Its different per spell and per dragon


The way I see this scaling: certain - so far almost totally useless - dragons will be more effective, more enjoyable to fly. But as the best dragons are divines anyway, I couldn’t care less right now. Worrying won’t help, but destroy my moments of peaceful flying.


Would really love to see a damage equation for a particular spell before and after the update. Wondering if it would be worth while to put HP runes on something like Pathox to eventually boost CC and SD


So the way I read it is you must have good rider gear for an increase in the spell damage over what exists currently which means atlas is now affecting main game play even more yet you just nerfed atlas for 90% of folks…hmmm sounds suspect.


Interesting. The way I read it is that all boosts will now factor into spell damage, so even the people without Atlas will receive an overall buff to spell damage and perform better than they currently do against people who do have Atlas. Sounds suspect.


This, attack and defense boosts will now help spells, same as runes boosting attack and health… and riders from seasons do add buffs as well, not just atlas


I assume you mean the 30% in their example that a dragon spell is weakened is unique to each dragon and spell

Does this mean the same spell will have different damage percentages on different dragons even within the same class?

The communication on this is terrible. It definitely doesn’t read like that.