Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


So your main concern is PG will mess it up? Well ya, it’s PG, I would be shocked if they didn’t. That concern is legitimate :joy:

But I also agree with Bashton. It needs to be done and if they do it, it should make maintaining dragon balance better going forward.


I also been suggesting to change/improve normal line Mythics,so they will be decent
At least same useful as Divines
So it won’t be a pain to spend tokens for “just breeders”


I’m confused by all of these posts. I just read the blog and what I get out of it is SOME spells will change. The ones that will change are the ones based on the dragons HP. Instead of base HP it’s modified HP. There’s only 3 things that modify HP, riders, research and consumable HP boost. If you do not have a rider on the dragon, and have not completed the sorcerer HP, warrior HP or hunter HP research then the only boost you have is the consumable HP boost which you will now be forced to use in every attack to TRY to get the same damage you get now.

This hurts new players and those without a killer rider from atlas. The boost if you have all research, an awesome rider with gear, and a consumable is not huge. This will effectively make dragons you breed too weak to effectively use as most players put riders on divines. I have enjoyed the legendaries of each tier and now mythics but I have a feeling I’ll be more focused on divines now. Sad.


Most people only use 2-3 dragons and those 2-3 have riders in 99% of cases. PG has basically forced us all to use riders and gear to be competitive so I don’t see this being a hindrance to 99% of people


Who are the most people you are talking about? You mean players in platinum league and above? That’s not most people, that’s the minority. Those leagues represent only 1/4 of total players if you include gold league, even less if you include silver and bronze leagues. Most people below platinum have no rider or maybe 1. They are newer players that will now have a tougher time getting max xp because the spells are nerfed. After 2 years I still have no idea how max xp is determined because I get max xp on easy bases with more towers and less defense power but get shit xp on short bases 3 times that power. Maybe if they’d fix that then this spell scaling won’t matter. Currently being a 146 having to hit a short 240 base for max xp is bullshit. The only dragons that can do that are my maxed divines with a rider and full of runes. I should be hitting bases more my size…that would be game balance.


… ur atlas base gives you max xp. And most of the attacks under “challenging” give you max xp. It makes u work for max xp. What’s the issue? Also, no gold or silver player should have all the stuff that sapphire and diamond have lol. Like you said, they are most likely new players so why should the have immediate access to what everyone else had to work for already?


You don’t have to just hit short bases for max xp… generally the list towards the bottom is a mixture of short bases and long bases.


I definitely think the description is missing something. Is it just hp based spells or also attack based spells? They only mention hp explicitly, but other references make me think spells using base attack would be affected too.


Well I won’t argue with you regarding regarding who the majority is but fine. But also keep in mind the spells for lower level players are The spells that were designed prior gear. In theory (although I’m sure PG will mess it up) those spells are the ones that will not first be adjusted before scaling is added, so they should be boosted the most, so you should only see a benefit, or not change at all.

  1. I don’t have atlas

  2. Most of the bases under challenging give me a small fraction of my max xp. On average the last 2 on the list (biggest bases) will give me max xp and average 100 levels above me. I havent had “most of the bases in the challenging section” meet my max xp since I was about level 75. But the higher I level the less options I have. It would be nice to have at least 5 options to choose from. Sometimes I have to reshuffle targets 5-6 times to find a base I can hit.

  3. I’m not saying new players should have access to everything we have access to. I’m just saying it’s not fair to nerf their spells as this will be a game wide % adjustment to spells that change based on dragon HP. Since they do not have the boosting ability their result is lost % of damage. But hopefully developers will adjust those spells to accommodate this change as to not effect lower players…when I say lower, I mean gold and below.

I say that because lower is relative and many consider me a baby


I’d rather have more people included in Atlas, and what happens after is their responsibility.
Also, I believe that using 30/30 boost plus research should be enough to return the damage to pre-nerf.


I’ve been seeing people asking when they’ll get atlas again, only a matter of time before we get the “atlas isn’t fair” posts en mass again


That’s another mixed bag in itself. Just adding gold 1 would add 400 more teams. Atlas has enough issues with the numbers it has. There’s also a case for those that really hate atlas. Gold 1 is full of those players. Only time will tell where PG takes us.


I wonder why people hate rewarded easy xp runs :roll_eyes:


Today’s update reinforces my concern with the idea of doing a rebalance of every dragon in the game. I don’t believe they have the dev team to pull it off or the QA team to verify it.


Not really. We can already see PG is taking us to the dump


glue factory?


Honestly, they should just reduce every base HP spell by 30% and make it actual dragon HP.

The reason I say this is then everything is uniform going forward. They need to rebalance towers anyway. Don’t monkey with each individual spell and dragon. Get the dragon spells uniform then rebalance the towers as necessary. If a tweak is needed, so be it. It’s been proven that in the test servers they have no clue what they are doing when they decide what “balanced” is when releasing content.


They aren’t changing spells randomly, it’s just reassigning things to move with boosts… your suggestion penalizes people for not boosting their dragons


Meh. It doesnt penalize them. Virtually everyone uses the 30% boosts and has a rider. It will be a net gain. If you think they should develop some sort of algorithm rather than a flat rate, that would require them to balance every spell and take forever.

Honestly, they should just switch base HP in the spell with actual HP and rebalance the towers. But everyone would bitch about boosted dragons being too strong.