Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


That’s kind of what they’re doing minus actually balancing towers lol, one step at a time


I don’t know of Atlas xp bases, but normal xp bases from pre-Atlas are still great and are to a very high lvl too.

@oBobbiPin search for the team xpfarmsloosex1 and find you a max XP for your lvl there. Hit them for xp and main list for rss.


Well, literally, Atlas xp base allow you to get timer, gear and rider.
Also, has lower tower level for same (or higher) exp (I used Alleviates and Empress)


I think it’s a horrible idea. Thanks for letting us have input early


Those are strong, well reasoned arguments, backed by clear examples and calculations. I’m almost certain you have convinced PG to change their plans there…


That’s my opinion. You asked for it you got it.


No offense…well if you do take offense I dont care but based upon recent introductions into the game of things as simple as adding beasts that took a couple patches to get right nd everything else that’s gone wrong, I certainly dont want them messing with the basic mechanics of the game. The game will simply go down. So no fricken way do i trust them to do this. Secondly, I havent seen a real valid reason for it in the first place. Third, how bout a “no responses allowed” checkmark on mails in game to help officers out or something simple like that the people have been asking for. Lord forbid you get a db engineer to allow us to change from android to apple or vise versa. You know the shit weve been asking for forever. Instead of ignoring us, listen to us and use your collective ‘talents’ there. Thx.


You mean the apple Android switch thats been possible for a year or so?


Please point me to this … thank you!



Ok you wanted some serious thought, so I gave it some serious thought instead of just the knee jerk horrible feeling I got in my stomach about spell scaling. This is what I came up with:

  1. Spell scaling is giving PG permission to nerf at will. This will haunt the game forever if you let ‘spell scaling’ go through. ‘Woops, we made that dragon a little OP. Np, spell scaling fix. Done.’

  2. Heres the scenario after it goes into affect:
    a. Player has a hard enough time finding good divine dragons to invest sigils in because of a tight timeline.
    b. Several teammates tells him or her that this dragon is wicked insane OP.
    c. Player pours his sigils and money into getting this divine dragon.
    d. Players on forums whine that this dragon is too OP.
    e. PG caves and nerfs the dragon using ‘spell scaling’.
    f. Player who spent the money to get it gets pissed off and asks PG for their money back and is told nope, we just scaled its spell power. When you get to lvl 900 you’ll see it’s full power back like before.

Choosing divines is a crapshoot sometimes… like ‘insert dragon here’ which looked like a good dragon but now it sits on my perch. Sigh. Oh well next one will be awesome. I’m ok with buying a set dragon and maybe it turns out ok or maybe it wont…but at least I know it wont be messed with after the fact.

Next PG will say then we can ask for the power to be adjusted up instead of down…lol yeah right.

I’m telling you if you agree with PG on this itll be the end of seeing something you want and getting it without a possible bait and switch scenario. Because they can nerf at any time and you wont be able to do anything about it.


Cough huitzil cough but a prime example spell scaling or not they will do it.


Ummm. It actually doesn’t. They don’t need permission but it’s actually going to be more of a buff for almost everyone. Even if you don’t have a rider, it’s still likely to be at worse the same assuming you have research and runes.

Again it’s more likely to make dragons that are powerful even more powerful. Yes it means those who are heavily invested in armor should feel even more effects

I’m concerned about the method they chose here to calibrate with, but the concept is solid. Essentially your primary attack was boosted by all those modifiers, but spells were not. This means dragons which depend on damage from spells tend to fade into obsolescence quickly compared to ones that don’t. Basically hunters were further favored. This should allow all dragons with spells that are using base hp or base attack or any other base stat to determine their effects should now grow with the stats just like the primary attack already does. This should also make dragos scale better among tiers.

Sometimes? Essentially always. Even dragons which seem like a sure thing aren’t always.

Honestly this will buff your dragons unless you don’t use dragons buffs, don’t use runes, don’t use rider, and don’t use research. It’s unclear which dragons will be weakened by how much but it is clear that the amount will be less than your average dragon will increase in spell power. Aka this is a buff not a nerf. Although I’m fearing 85 towers coming to rebalance the game as it can’t possibly keep towers in balance.


I’m not sure if this has been asked and aswered, but will this effect spells like hunters mark where istead of healing 40% of base health it heals 40% of Max or modified health


Yes and no.
Yes on modified health, but I doubt it’s the same percentage.


I truly believe they (PG) sit down with a new dragon they are developing and put everything that’s available on it. Gear, buffs, etc. Then, they see what the dragon can do to determine if it needs tweaks. Too OP? Too weak? And then once they’ve determined where that high mark is then they scale down by level from there. I may be wrong but I still believe the general gist of what I’m getting at is the same either way. So the added spell scaling will do nothing but bring spells weaker for the little guys. There is no where to go but down. Could this be used for good, sure. However, there is no monetary reason to do so for PG. So Evil is the only way itll be used- and -against the smaller folks that worked their ass off to get the dragon. PG tell me how this spell scaling would be used in a scenario where I’m the 241 I am now -and -worked my butt off last season to get all of pathox. Had to spend money along the way here and there and at the end to finish him. What does spell scaling do for me? My guess is that I get a weaker pathox at my level than I already have. Please tell me how I’m wrong and I’ll listen. PG? What would you want to do for me using this spell scaling had you had It in place during last season and specifically to pathox? What would you do now?


I think it may indeed create some of the issues that you worry about. But then, that’s already something that they’re more than willing to do. As @madcad95 pointed out, Huitzil is a perfect example. They didn’t just nerf him from “Nukes islands he can’t even see” to “Powerful and dangerous mythic,” they took him down to “Struggles to hit much above its own base level against well-built, defended bases.” Now, maybe that’s less true at other tiers, but the lack of “spell scaling” certainly didn’t stop it from happening.

…basically, if they were already willing to cripple a seasonal mythic, after tons of people had already gotten one, there was never any protection for your other dragons. But hey, don’t worry - because this compounds the bonuses for gear and buffs and such, bases are going to be easily slaughtered anyway. :woman_facepalming:


I hear people making this claim every now and again. Has this happened even once in the last year? 18 months? And no, Huitzil doesn’t count, because it was not nerfed due to forum outrage.

As to the second part - I’ll just say that PG can nerf any time as it is, and the players can’t do anything about it. I guess I’m not entirely sure why you think this changes that one way or another.

The fact is, this change will give the dev team some flexibility that does not currently exist in the game, and it will help make the impact of buffs and runes more intuitive to understand and more easily observed.

I do think there are some things to be concerned about with this, but the conspiracy theory that PG is going to intentionally ruin the game with this change is just plain ridiculous.


I’ve heard quite a few people got their money refunded over the Huitzel nerf. Is that not true?


They did I messed up and gave them the benefit of the doubt to fix him…big mistake -_-