Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


My Path and Gunnar could kill a single tower with a single tap (no spells at all used!).
Now both need 2 taps to kill a tower.

Can someone explain me the link to spell scaling?!? :thinking:

I don’t get it…:man_shrugging:


It looks like they pretty much rewrote a whole bunch of damage code to implement spell scaling, and dropped the ball in quite a few places creating all sorts of unexpected nerfs.


Not understanding the formula of % of HP as damage isnt specific to Pathox. Any spell using % of HP as damage doesnt work out as HP×%=damage. The formula is clearly more complicated than that.

But it IS clear the hotfix that DragonPunch applied right before leaving the office last night was a major nerf to Pathox. I’ve tested other dragons spells included in the 30% reduction list and they are all doing significantly MORE damage with rider/gear/boosts than before the scaling. I wont say which dragons, or PG will nerf them too :man_facepalming:


Almost 8 AM. All they need to do is hotfix it back to something reasonable and one major complaint will be resolved in a few mins. This is a no brainer, PG. Just get it done quickly and post on the forums.


This is a no win situation PG. Take back this update and revert it back to the way it was before the update. NO ONE was complaining about their spells not doing enough damage. Now we have Pathox two shotting maxed towers no problem and chain lightning on my UVS ONE SHOTTING MAXED TOWERS on JLs base. What the heck are you thinking?!? As much as enjoy taking out top bases easier, it is screwing up the balance even more.

If your goal here is to make sorcerers viable again…how about you create more sorcerers like Jorm? Why not create strong sorcerers instead of screwing up the entire game and putting all your focus on this one thing while ignoring the 100s other things that should have priority of this. It’s freaking ridiculous. Y’all need to list to the Gameplay Faction more…isn’t that the entire point of creating the group in the first place?


Best response so far in this whole thread.


Pathox has been nerfed. So every other dragon gets a spell boost but him?
How is this adequate?
Last night I could 1-3 shot higher towers than before, and now suddenly I’m struggling to take islands that I had no problem clearing BEFORE the update?
So not only was he nerfed, but nerfed worse off than he was before.
How is this acceptable?
I never ever thought I would quit this game, but after busting my ass and spending a little to get the dragon, you’re gonna completely screw him up?
If it wasn’t for the fact that I have 49 people counting on me, I’d be gone.


Have you tried this since the nerf happened last night? With about 125% boost to his HP, I’m still doing less damage with mine now than before the scaling.


Not true I’ve done extensive tests pre update on Explosive Shield, Lethal Barrier, and War Cry (white) they all work this way. Intimidating Roar was also like this before the update.

Possible Pathox had adjustments after release because “he OP” post? Thus changed from the blog post saying 14% base HP to something else?

Make sure to open this next one to read Odins quote within.


:man_facepalming: I’m the one who quoted Odin, and it was an ask to see what numbers he is getting. Regardless, it is NOT as simple as HP×%=damage, not for rainbow shot, riptide, earthquake, or crippling chill. I tested these spells on farms with damage numbers turned on, and found that my dragons either have twice the HP displayed, or the formula is more complicated. And yes, I know the 30% consumables dont visually change the HP shown, so I did the tests without them.

Since you don’t have anything valuable to add, such as evidence or math, please stop quoting me out of context and saying I’m wrong.


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So I just did some testing with Prospero and there is something fishy going on here. I don’t have pre-update numbers sorry. Post update numbers are:

Unboosted Boosted
Regular Attack 1.91M 2.27M 18.8% Increase
SF Attack 4.19M 120%^ 4.79M 111%^ 14% Increase

So the 30% boost is only giving me 18.8% on regular attack and 14% on spell attack. Also the spell is supposed to give a 150% attack boost so it falls short of this as well. This appears to me to be nerfed.


Except for Pathox. Forgot to mention you guys planed to nerf him all along since he is a silly has been old fashioned mythic these days. Better get him into the dust bin of history for 2019.


I said I did extensive testing, here is your evidence and math.

I said which spells I did testing on and they worked HP x % = damage. I didn’t say all spells work that way as I clearly posted the screen of blog showing mod atk + mod HP = damage for that one spell.


Good for you. But since those spells weren’t affected by spell scaling, that has nothing to do with the current topic. Also, no one cares about spells from 2-3 years ago, there are much better dragons and spells now anyway. It’s called power creep, and it’s an unavoidable fact of just about every game ever made.


They didnt gain 30% pre patch either, nor 150%


They could be doing calc
damage = base Hp x hp mod x base % x spell mod

Thus hp mod is still multiplied by the debuff of spell making damage change lower than % hp change.


You read the post? Shields and Roar both worked off base hp and were effected. War cry was based off of max hp already so idk why they touched it but it’s on the list.



I suspect my brain stopped trying to understand what’s going on here…


@DragonPunch I think you need to release the formula you currently have in place. It’s not a trade secret, and it will clarify exactly what’s going on.

Also, if you guys were messing with tower and/or specific spells beyond the scaling formula you need to tell us, and then you probably need to undo whatever it was you did.

I would also recommend that you or @PGJared or someone suggest to the powers that be that they allocate some OT for Crisis/Arelyna/whomever to be present when you roll out updates, because there always seem to be fires to put out and it’s often half a day or more before we even get a response.

You are not off to a great start in 2019 where player confidence is concerned.