Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


A tiger can’t change its stripes. Nope.



Lol when we get the numbers crunched to know what’s going on for sure, we can give a better explanation with less math.


This is only true on the very bottom.

They are definitely stronger overall

Invader base was accidentally made super strong and fixed but not all show it as fixed. (As far as I know this was ballistas buffed accidentally but could be more)

Pathox apparantly was certainly super strong and then reduced and is now showing weaker, however I believe all measurements are invader based, so it’s possible more is going on here.

The number of changes is huge, this is going to be buggy for days more if not weeks, so personally I’d just try and keep that in mine and be patient.


It also seems clear something funky has happened on invader bases and almost all measurements of dragons is using invader based.

No surprise such a big set of changes is still far from stabilized.


I don’t have invader as my team doesn’t have atlas. All flights w pathox before, during max, and after nerf have been friends bases and actual bases.
He’s weaker now than before fix even though crippling chill was listed as being buffed.
I have gear, Swann, and runes, not a naked dragon.


I used higher level farms with damage numbers turned on, not Invader bases. I used the same base for every test to get my numbers.


Pathox, is weaker than non mythic dragons of the same tier (in practice) and already had issues in higher tiers… Why Nerf it?


Immediately after crippling chill was doing far more than it should have and now it’s doing less than before, as observed by almost everyone.

I have no idea if that will stay that way, I’d bet money it won’t. Also other dragons appear to be possible tied to the same code as several others are reportedly weaker since the pathox reduction.

I reccomend everyone stay patient. Changes are huge and possibly impact more than expected.


So folks will spend on the next new shiny thing and forget all about the time/money they spent just a few weeks ago? Pathox is so 2018…


The same :joy:

Removing myself from the forum for today


Ive seen a few pathoxes doing much more dmg than pre patch, and they arent even expert yet.

I think it has to do with the non linear power scaling pg has in lower tiers, the vanguard ones are definitely stronger


I would agree with this statement more if DragonPunch hadnt nerfed him late last night, without consulting GPF or seeking feedback first. Clearly they can make big changes on a whim, so forgive me if I’m out of patience.


I think something is odd about Pathox.
He seems to have gotten a buff near vanguard+ but a nerf at lower levels

Just did a test run:
L37 Pathox (1 level below max obsidian)
+90/+82 rider/gear
+30/+30 consumable
Full hunter research


L60 towers (max obsidian)
+84/+100 gear
+30/+30 consumable
Not sure of research

It took me 5 chills to take down the L60 towers (easily hammered to counter)
Last night it took me under 3 (around 2.7 or so) after the scaling went into effect

Compare this to the 2 shot that vanguards are still seeing.

Something is fishy with the scaling at different levels.




It could also be due to the fact that they have max or close to max gear, mine is still quite a ways off from that. But for anyone without max gear, he is doing much less damage than before.


My gear and rider are half decent. +90/+82
He is still doing less damage i feel



56% hp 61% ap is doing 24.6m dmg on a freeze post patch, was 21.8 pre.

And he can still gain a LOT of gear


Your gear is a bit better than mine. Take him on Andy and see what the damage numbers are on the farms. That’s where I was getting my numbers.


What L is yours? I’m at L37 for him


Same, 37. I’m at 85/71 on my gear though.