Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


K ill go have a look.


I am 6 breeding events away from Vanguard at BEST. That is if I keep spending hundreds every month and right now, I’m thinking I might drop everything but elite, including Atlas. Why am I gearing the hell out of Pathox when I’m on the ass end of the nerf and stuck here for 6 months.


Then I would have to concur with mech, somehow vanguard pathox got a buff while Obsidian and below got a nerf.


There is zero chance he intended the change that happened to be permanent.


  1. he believed he had a fix and implemented it (sadly we are both production and test environment and that’s just how this game works like it or not)

  2. he may have seen a terribly problem and left for the night with the problem being “contained” until a better solution was found.

One thing I’d bet money on is that GPF is talking about this and is aware there is a problem, and really the big issue is poor communication as per always.

Many of us predicted the surface area of the changes was so huge there was going to be chaos. Welcome to chaos.


This is consistent with the people I’ve checked with so far, but I doubt it’s even that simple.

And I don’t think it only impacted pathox


7,155,880 damage from one chill on a farm


Might be a good idea with the anticipated number of modifications to have a PG thread with changes posted as they happen so players can keep up.


So even with your nearly max gear, he is still doing less than before the scaling went into effect. Definitely something fishy if Vanguard tier got buffed still.


With zero gear and just consumables he should be coming out on top since i have full hunter research (attack and HP) completed including the last sapphire +5% HP

That being said, there is a 370% increase in pathox HP from L37 to expert, and only a 210% increase in building HP from L60 to L75

So this could very well be it…


I have almost same stats in pathox and damn he is weaker in clearing a kill island without defenders with cripling chill , imagine what happens if u encounter a defender


Fomhar seems to be nerfed too , he is ma favourite nr 2 , but his autumn’s reap when casted does less damage in all defensive towers .


All this speculation could be cleared up if PG would just tell us how the damage is calculated and what the modifier is :man_facepalming:


Or if PG responded at all…


Its only 10:33 AM their time. No one has arrived, finished their coffee and looked at the forums yet. Give it time. :roll_eyes:


I don’t think it takes a lot of time for someone to come in here and say “We have identified an unintended issue with pathox’s spell damage after lasts nights fix and are looking into it.” Some communication is a lot better than total silence.


Why does it say 30% if it doesn’t give 30%. And if they took away 30% and give back 18.8% then the dragon is 11% weaker post patch, and it’s even worse for spell attack. I thought it was supposed to get better not worse.


Right but what I’m saying is the “[mushroom management]”(https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=mushroom%20management)" part of their day does’t start until after they have had their 3 martini lunch. Be a while before they start on the feeding part, keeping them in the dark is automagic.


I am at nearly max obsidian. I wouldn’t call that they bottom, and all of my hunters (I only use hunters) seem weaker to me. Maybe that’s not the way it is in vanguards but ffs why does everything have to be so f*cked for people not at the end game. I wish they had either not screwed with it at all or done it so that everything is correct and transparent. A 30% boost should be a 30% boost period.


Don’t forget their puff puff pass breaks.


Please note that we are continuing to evaluate spells. Currently, Crippling Chill is doing 8% of Pathox’s modified HP as damage.