Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


As I said I suspect they are having issues. There is no way that was intended.

If you didn’t expect issues like this, you are more optimistic than I am about this game.

There are definitely increase that exist for many people. Some dragons seem nerfed since roughly when dragon punch made his pathox fix.


What were you seeing that made you suddenly and swiftly nerf it? And why boost no skill dragons and nerf one that does take skill and can be defended against?

Pathox is a mythic he is supposed to be good. He wasn’t OP. So why nerf him?


So you’re saying this is intentional and we should all go to Apple for refunds? You explicitly stated that hunters would not be nerfed. Yet my boosted level 40 pathox with a full set of gear is doing less damage than it was before the update. Why nerf pathox? Edited to show my gear, it’s not the best but it’s not like I’m using crappy gear.


More or less, they want him to be useless so the player base will move on and start spending on this season’s dragons and switch gear type and grind out more glory.


Please confirm if his current damage, that is lower that before even after applying 30% boost with same equipment, research etc is intended, although contradicrory with the statement that hunters will remain the same?
Is important to know if is intended and PG is happy with the result. Is key to evaluate if I want or not to continue being a customer


and why did u nerf him without any reason?


The reason is because vanguard pathox was still 2 shotting max level max gear towers (the best in the game)

That being said, since they scaled it for max everything, its nerfed the hell out of anything else for that dragon


as a player in emerald i do not care if a vanguard dragon takes 2 or even 100 shots for a 75 tower. but i do care about the nerf of an emerald pathox. and that sucks.


We will need, as players, an official response from PG, if this is intended or not, and why.
Is a mythic divine


And this is why I’m glad you aren’t in the GPF or making any balance related decisions. That is an “i want this” statement instead of a “this would be better as a whole for the game” statement.

Regardless, it’s already noted and something to be brought up as to how we balance between the tiers


My crippling chill damage
Before update 8,461,187

Immediately after update 11,252,440

Now 7,669,288

Just undo this update and do something that the players actually asked for please. Leave my hunters alone, he was fine before this nerf that you claim is a buff.


so only vanguard player should be in gpf? so no one cares about the majority of player who do not have vanguard dragons? so if it works at vanguard, everything is ok :slight_smile:


Only a portion of the GPF fly vanguard… they represent a cross section of all levels.


Richard Cranium is needed


So much to “we wont nerf hunters”
Sucks that It has to be pathox who gets demolished, lets hope PG at least gives him some more % than 6 lmao


When did I say this?

You said you only cared about emerald and didn’t give two shits about Vanguard
I’m in obsidian, and i’m concerned about balance from gold all the way up to Vanguard

I’m about balance for EVERYONE
I’m the one fighting for the little guys
I’m the one suggesting that tweaks need to be made between the tiers (since obs and lower was developed without OP gear and harb/vanguard were designed and tested against heavy gear and they tweaked spells and dragons for those scenarios, and now everyone wonders why they are weak at lower levels)


Vanguard pathox got a pretty big buff, lower tier scaling is off


That was my alt account on the last forum :slight_smile:


Could you please enlighten us on how this formula works? Because taking displayed HP (without consumables applied, since they dont display) 37.4M×.08=2.99M, yet I’m doing 6.3M currently.

Pre update, base HP is 19.5M, so 19.5M×.14=2.73M. Yet I was doing 7.3M before the spell scaling.


In fhe last 3+ years I experienced too many situations like this. What is surprising is that I am still hurt every single time PG does its stunt… this nerf is completely unacceptable and needs to be reversed immediately! I know we talk about a business situation but we are all still human beings, no? How can PG folks openly lie about what they are doing and just continue as if nothing happened? This is so irritating, I am not able to comprehend. How can this be a reasonable course of action?