Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


probably a dumb question but can the % change based on the tier or is it a fixed modifier?


Well they can’t have a different % spell damage for each tier, so what do you think they have to do, buff HP for all the tiers Obsidian and lower? That’s going to cause problems too. But they can’t leave it the way it is without anyone below end game getting a big nerf.


That’s NOT even close to what he said. He said your short-sighted view of how it only effects you is why YOU shouldn’t be in the GPF or CF or whatever.

They have to try and balance things for every situation.


That is an excellent suggestion and hopefully is something PG can implement quickly.


Building a solid baseline is the “correct” approach
Changing the % based on tier is more of a bandaid (not that it would be bad in this case, since the correct baseline is going to take lots of work and people overall just won’t be happy)


I agree, just thinking of a compression bandage on a sucking chest wound until they figure out something else.


Or revert this shit back to something that was at least balanced against itself since it was developed and tested in this environment?

Easiest way to do it is just to undo it, then properly discuss it with the GPF, and not just try to wing things.

I’m still in shock that they released it yesterday


I think he is just frustrated that due to the top 1% having too much, everybody had to be taken from. Understand you and mechs point though.


I’m still cranky about the rune / thunderstorm thing back in the days of nightshade and tarand. Path is my first mythic ever and even at low harb I certainly couldn’t find his “I win” button.

Clearly I am a sucky flier


This would be wonderful.


That’s crap.

Ctrl-Z please.


This. So much this. PG just made the balance issues so much worst. This seems like it was implemented haphazardly and without proper testing. I would much rather things go back to the way they were while PG works out the kinks on this.




Hello Arelyna I’m sure you can appreciate why many people are upset with this change, since making Pathox much worse for the majority of the player base was not one of.the intentions you announced when you first floated.the idea of spells scaling. In fact it is directly at odds with what you said would happen. It does inevitably undermine peoples faith and confidence in the game. Pathox is the only mythic i have and he wasn’t my best dragon pre nerf. Now he’s not even worth a place in my roster. All that effort for nothing!

My solution: scrap these changes entirely for existing spells and just implement spells scaling for new spells. Otherwise this will just escalate…


Also, how is this good for players without access to atlas to get better gear/upgrade the gear they have?
Sure they could get into an atlas team, but if they’re in a platinum team without it or a high gold team that’s active, why should they be forced to leave the team they enjoy and have made connections with just to advance in the game.


Then why is my pathox barely tickling towers he previously had no issues taking down?
He has a mix of legendary and elite gear all above level 3 and all maxed legendary and mythic runes, as well as an almost maxed Swann.
He’s a mythic that many people spent money to get and now he’s even less useful than he was before. This is outrageous.


You have been around too long to know PG will screw things up. How can you be shocked?


I’m not, and I’ve only been playing this game since May 25th, 2018.
Right in line with what I’ve experienced around here.


I’m not sure i can say exactly why i’m shocked.
It’s just that the release came as a surprise to me, especially with what i’ve been privy to


When you say release do you mean everything, or the pathox “fix”?