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Spell Scaling


Considering you are in the GPF, and the release was a surprise to you, I can only assume that PG failed to consult the GPF prior to release. Based on the results of the spell scaling, it’s also safe to assume that testing was either not properly done, or the feedback from the testing you did was ignored.

So PG, remind me again why we even have a GPF if you won’t consult them or listen to their feedback?


I’m sure they can eventually, but spells currently have a stat that says a percentage of hp or attack. So I would expect a code change would be needed to do that and possibly the root cause fix isn’t to do this.

Essentially the hp and attack numbers are meant to scale this by level (and by extension tier)

What may have happened here is that light is now shining on how these hp and attack numbers aren’t maybe how they ideally should be. Likely due to having to deal with towers when these dragons spells didn’t scale.


Likely the reason is to do with stuff he cannot say.

Called it.

I think it’s more like after GPF feedback seemed logical to not release it as is, and yet it happened anyways. Not that they didn’t know about it at all.

Merely speculation on my part though.


PGs learning curve seems non existant.


Well all we have seen from this is improvements at the end game of the dragon. Why wouldn’t he want his emerald to be effective for his level. I don’t think that is too much to ask or being greedy in any way shape or form. True balance is for upper and lower end. We have not seen that.


:rofl: I like the translated name better… :joy:


Not sure you have followed too closely lol

Dragons have been buffed
At a VANGUARD level, Pathox was too powerful
At an emerald level, Pathox was probably just fine

Due to the mechanics of how they implemented scaling, this dragon in particular wasn’t balanced between tiers.

They decided to bring Pathox down to a reasonable level at VANGUARD tier, subsequently nerfing all tiers below it.

Is this the final iteration? I doubt it
I’d rather have Pathox kept at this approximate level for Vanguard tier, but brought back up to a reasonable level at other tiers. Does this mean that his spell gets a weaker % each tier he goes up? I don’t know. Does this mean that his HP is re-scaled across the tiers to make his spells the same approx % and effectiveness? I don’t know. Does this mean something else may be done? I am not sure.

All i know is that YOU didn’t read a thing I’ve posted above. You commented without reading any alternate context, not sure if you are just a buddy trying to comment on his side of things, but you are absolutely incorrect on my intentions here. I’m advocating for balance across all tiers. He was advocating for his tier being balanced, but he also insinuated that Vanguards can be super powerful because he didn’t care and it wasn’t the tier he was playing in. Which is 100% wrong of him to imply.


Actually it was not only Pathox but also other Hunters got nerfed. Aibrean was able to hit invader base easily but now he needs two shots to kill a tower. Obviously there is a huge difference in power. This is my 2nd or 3rd post in this forum cuz I cannot hold it…


Yea but in my opinion it would be better path is like it should be in most of its tiers and overpowered in the last one then that what they did now.

They should change it back and find a solution for venguard fast and till they found a solution he might be op for maybe 1% of the players and not nerfed for 99% of them.

Best thing would be undo the whole patch.


I understand that you want balance across all tiers. I am with you on that. I am just pointing out that from his perspective emerald did not matter when they made the change only Vanguard did. I do not think he was implying that vanguard can be as power as they want because he doesn’t have one. I think it was rather the sentiment that because vanguard was too powerful now his emerald is weaker. I can understand his sentiment, unfortunately it is the way PG works.

As far as the GPF maybe there is stuff we don’t know about that they have helped with, but this is the second release to come from GPF testing that has not worked (I’m guessing PG isn’t listening). If PG is going to ignore what you have to say what’s the point.

I do not know the person I was defending and yes I read all of the posts. People are unhappy about this update and PG is it’s usual absent self. No need for us to turn on each other.


@Arelyna can we get some kind of statement about true intentions for Pathox (deliverate nerf versus unexpected consequence), and if an adjustment is being worked on?
Would be the only way to cut speculation
Thank you


“This is PG, we are unable to come to the forum at this time. Please continue to wait. Expected wait time is 10 centuries.”


A bit of an amusing anecdotal aside here…

I just tried to take a 490m defense base with Pathox. Yesterday it wouldn’t have been a problem, but because he couldn’t kill towers with crippling chill he was knocked out of the air like a gnat. I then took the base with Coatl. That’s right, Coatl is more powerful than my Pathox right now.



leads me to believe that the nerf was intentional.


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That’s conjecture, I want certainty
Conjecture doesn’t tells me about company ethos.
Certainty does


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I’m going to go out on a limb here and say go ahead and ask for the refunds.


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