Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


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Personally, I think his sentiment read as “Who the heck gives a damn if the game is balanced, all that matters is that the tier I’m in got nerfed.” You can see that when he says:

But yes, non end tier Pathoxes need additional tweaks in one form or another. The current nerfing is unacceptable.


I think people are just understandably a bit upset that the dragon they spent working three months for is now functionally useless to them. It’s an understandable sentiment, even if not phrased well.


From what i saw today on my daily dragon runs, the biggest boost on spells happened to my warriors. Corthanak hits harder also, only Pathox hits like a baby now🙄


True, but you shouldn’t go so far as to say “I don’t care if the rest of the game is broken for everyone else. I only care if it works for those people in my situation.”

That is an incredibly narrow minded and selfish attitude.


GPF and other players have been asking for this for years.


Because all of Pathox’s Mythic-tier strength is backloaded to the last 5 Vanguard levels. PG would have to completely rework Legendary and Mythic Divine stats across the board to find a good balance.


Then they’d better DO IT. :man_shrugging:t3:


Hey all!

Thanks so much for providing us with further feedback regarding the changes we made to Pathox last night. Initially, we reduced Crippling Chill’s damage to 11% of Pathox’s Modified HP to account for the buff that spell-scaling gave the spell. After Version 4.94’s launch yesterday, we had heard from many higher level players that Crippling Chill was doing more damage than intended with towers being defeated in 2 shots rather than the previous 3 shots. We further reduced Crippling Chill’s damage to 8% of Pathox’s Modified HP to restore the 3-shotting behavior for high levels before Spell Scaling; unfortunately, this resulted in Crippling Chill performing a bit weaker to players than we anticipated. We are releasing a hotfix to buff the damage from 8% to 9.5%.


Spell scaling yes, but not like this. This could’ve been a good thing but it doesn’t make sense to roll it out when it’s obviously not ready.


Thank you and the team for responding quickly. 9.5% isn’t as fun as 11%, but it’s better than 8% :sweat:


While I appreciate the small bone here, why was this necessary? This is a modern dragon. How was it’s apparent overpoweredness overlooked? Why was an announcement made saying “no hunters would be nerfed” when quite literally the most well known hunter apparently needed one?

Why wasn’t this caught in testing? And what about when new tiers come out and pathox is less long lasting than previously. One way or another this nerf directly affects the longevity of the dragon. If someone paid for it (I didn’t), they have a rough idea how long the dragon will last based on the raw stats of the dragon, and now that product is less valuable than when they bought it.

Hell to get similar performance I have to 1 have atlas, 2 grind out legendary/elite gear, 3 upgrade it at least a bit. This concerns me hugely as I cannot know that I will get exactly what I worked for without unannounced nerfs or a requirement to do more work to get the same result when I next chase a mythic and cements my “not throwing any money at the attempt” approach. I CANNOT justify throwing money at something with the above in mind.

I get balance is important. It’s just so iffy tweaking something that many people paid for and let’s be fair, it isn’t cheap. Hell I probably would not have been as fussed had it been announced that spells may need retuning to be balanced. But the express statement really irks me, along with non atlas players being left in the dirt in every single way here


Did you expect PG to throughly test the change first? I mean not that I wouldn’t want them to, but in the time you have played would you consider this business as usual or wildly different?

This to me is what I expected when such a large change was announced.


Is this going to bring the power back up to where it was before the spell-scaling went into effect (for ALL Pathox levels)?

I have to admit, I don’t understand why the Vanguard Path’s were higher in power than before when the lower level Path’s were lower in power than before- when both should have increased by the same percentage?


You have singled out a season mythic for an unnecessary adjustment, which is now partially compensated. At the same time several other dragons were left alone, absically because they were easy to get anyway, hence no bad feelings when you did not get those, thus no major complaints. May I suggest you and your colleages think before they make such major changes, and think again before they quick-fix to readjust them.
And don‘t tell me much thinking has been done on PG side recently, there is absolutely no evidence.
If I sound frustrated, that is because i am.


No but it’s likely as high as they can make it without making it crazy at the top end

It does increase the same percentage, but it’s applied to HP which is not of a smooth curve. Basically HP ramps up too high.

I also think the 20% damage (mythic glyph) added on top of other runes kind of undermines their 30% scaling attempt.


The way PG secretly nerf and buff things really put me off. I’m not comfortable with buying packs anymore knowing the dragon I like will be changed without my consent.

I know it’s PG’s right to do such things according to the EULA, but I still don’t like it. Why spend real money on a product that doesn’t even belong to you?


Let me say first that I appreciate you work on WD stats and am unsure whether i really want to disagree with the first point, but as a lvl 300 obsidian player I have to disagree that dragones are buffed across the board.
I don‘t want to go into the Pathox disaster, but I also run a Leos with runes and rider, Cavaleries and others. The warriors heal better, their speels are more effective, and they die way faster.
Bases I could basically roll through are challenging now, even thoug my drags are always boosted. So I think the game mechanics have been tilted in various directions but hunter skills are much less relevant now and it appears sorcs became much better and more viable.
Effectively it is less fun to play now, aside from all the investment in the game which is now lost.


There’s no testing like mass release and waiting for the hysteria to begin. I really think that is a pre-determined development step in PG’s ethos.


Please let us know when this hotfix is live thank you.