Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


Well, I don’t know how hard it would be to make things right (code-wise), but I know it sucks to be taking a nerf on my best dragon while those at the top end are getting a buff. Especially since this is my only mythic and I saved for several seasons to get him.

I’m not happy right now.


@Arelyna something is broken with the spell scaling, the 8% wasnt actually doing 8% of modified HP. It was doing about 4.5% of modified HP. Either that, or the formula is not taking some boosts into account for modified HP. I would be happy to provide you with all the evidence for this so you can get the team to figure out what is broken.


@Lee1230, please PM me.


Yeah I wouldn’t be either if I cared about Pathox.

Although it’s worth noting you can actually fly him without depending on crippling chill so much.

Definitely a nerf, and a great example of why PG should have listened to the GPF and not released this so quickly.

The main issue I have is how it’s an all
Or nothing patch that probably should have been done one spell at a time. I doubt they can undo it without another update…


@Arelyna please respond here with his damage calculation as others would like to know as well.


You can see my calculations in the pathox is OP thread, post 265.


So with this being the main problem, did everyone mob up and say change it now before the scaling? With the base HP lvls ramping so much at the end didn’t end already have major advantage over lower?

Think this has been said but I believe they need to do a major revamp of the whole game to make all the scalings of things in a correct mannor. There’s to many bandaid fixes, towers raise dramatically to match dragons then dragons raise dramatically to match towers cycle, xp per lvl, xp from towers, just to name a few.


I know, I liked a lot of your calcs, one of the few number crunches since yesterday. I am asking to see the result.


Heads-up, folks, the 9.5% change that Arelyna mentioned earlier is now live.


Ok, so actions speak that the nerf was an unintended consequence of trying to accommodate numbers from higher levels.
Fair enough. Thank you and let’s see this how this new % works out


You realize that after the towers are gone through and adjusted, Pathox will be crippled.

Changing how spell dmg is calculated will require a rebalance across the game. So by making Pathox roughly the same as now, when towers are beefed up to compensate, he’ll be a neuter.


My pathox crippling chill is doing even less damage than before…

Edit: I rebooted the game (again) and tried again and now it is doing slightly more damage than before the update/nerf. Before the update it did 8.46M now it does 8.52M

I can deal with that for myself, but it still sounds like players who don’t have full sets of legendary/elite gear that are at least partially upgraded are going to be worst off.

Edit again: now crippling chill does different (usually worst than pre-update) damage every time I log in. Seriously pg?


I would imagine that a lot of players (myself included) share your sentiment.


So… did the GPF not uncover this in testing? Were they given enough time to test the changes? Did they bring it to PG and get ignored? Why was such a drastic change so immediately necessary right after release?


From what I can tell, the GPF uncovered problems with spell scaling.

AND the GPF’s concerns were roundly ignored.

AND the GPF weren’t told that it was being implemented without those concerns being addressed.

AND the GPF weren’t told that it was being implemented when it was.

And so now the predicted disaster, and PG’s disastrous responses, are in full swing. But what do I know? This is just from what they’ve been able to say that doesn’t violate the NDA.


Are GPF given test build access while MODs are not? Or are they just the group to try and be the middle man between public and PG?


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Can PG implement a formula that incorporates both base and modified hp? Whichever is the higher number. For Pathox, if 14% of base hp is higher than 9.5%? of modified, it’ll take that number for damage calculation. If it’s lower, it’ll use modified hp and the lower % for calculating damage. This lets people achieve benefit from their gear without screwing everyone who doesn’t have as good gear, or isn’t level 387.


The formula isnt calculating modified HP properly. You add all your boosts up, eg. 30%+50%+20%=100% boost. Now when you take your base HP and multiply it by the boosts, it converts % to a decimal. So 100% would be 1.00. But before you take base HP×1.00, you add 1 to the decimal. In this example, that would be 2.00, because a 100% boost is double your base HP.

It looks like the formula is not adding the 1, so damage is much lower than it should be unless you have stupidly powerful gear.

Example: let’s say 10M base HP, 40% from gear, 10% from research, and 30% consumable. 10×(1+.40+.10+.30)=10×1.80=18
Then for the damage I’m assuming everyone has expert mythic glyph
If that 1 in the first step isnt added though, modified HP looks like 10×.80= 8, which screws it all up. It would explain why the damage is so much lower than it should be.