Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


I’m just going to have to take your word for it because maths… maths make my brain hurt :see_no_evil:


Based on my observations, my Crippling Chill is doing 14% of my modified HP as damage. I’m aware this likely isn’t working correctly for everyone and something is clearly wonky, I’m attempting to offer a solution to the spells balance that should work for everyone.

Edit: Also,

What? 20% bonus isn’t an additive bonus. It’s multiplicative. Or at least I hope so.


What are you smoking man? Lol

Why would a mod get a test build? Why would they need it?


Perhaps he thought that Mod is an almighty entity above the GPF…


I’m almost certain its additive. Judging by the pre scaling numbers, base HP×(.14+.20) works out. Which is what leads me to believe there is a mistake in the way modified HP is being calculated for damage now.


Doesn’t 20% mean your spell will have 20% more damage, not 20% more base HP as damage?

Means 14% x 120% x base HP




Well, if you think that’s correct, Chill has enough damage to one shot an unboosted, ungeared level 75 Dark Flak according to you. For some reason, this doesn’t sound right to me.

Edit: And it very nearly two shots a max gear/research/boosted level 75 Storm Tower. Throw in Death’s Door and you’re definitely two shotting it.


I thought so too at first, but if that were true, L37 Pathox would do 19.5M×.14=2.73M×1.2=3.28M prior to scaling. But in reality he dealt 6.7M and 19.5×(.14+.20)=6.63M
So like I said, the math works out as an additive bonus. But good luck finding someone willing to dust their mythic rune to test this out lol.


@Arelyna @DragonPunch
Any thought about this?


I don’t have any prior pictures of how much damage my chill used to do, but if it’s (9.5+20) right now, my level 22 Pathox one shots my level 45 Dark Flak. But it doesn’t. It does about 55% of that number.


Uh no, L75 dark flak has 23.8M base HP. And where are you ever going to see an unboosted, ungeared L75 tower? Hell, my L60 dark flak has 24.5M HP and my gear is nowhere near maxed.


72,266,762 x .34 = 24,570,699 pre spell-scaling. 24,570,699 > 23.8m. Assume someone has max research, gear, boosts, and Rider HP, you’re still going to be very close to a 2 shot with Death’s Door multiplier.


I dont think modified HP is being calculated correctly. Or it’s something more complicated, who knows.

And I didnt realize you were talking about an expert Pathox, my bad. But I’ve been hit by expert pathox before, and he did one shot my towers, so sounds about right.


Whatever it is; I want it too - I mean, I will get good at maths then + my IQ multiplies by 3


It’s definitely additive, I can’t imagine it being multipltive. Well I guess that depends on what you mean. But there is no way it stacks on top of stacked numbers.

The way it’s writren implies it adds more buff so it should mean if you are 9.5% and you have 20% buff from the glyph you should get 29.5%

In the other thread I’ve tried like 10 different ways and nothing adds up to the right numbers, so If you figure it out let me know.

I can’t see stacking a number on top of a stacked number.

Even additive it’s giving higher damage numbers than what’s actually happening for men.

Unlikely but the numbers don’t work for this either

Why would you give a percentage of a percentage?

Current number is 9.5%, 14% was the old number.

120% of 9.5% is 11.4% and I’m actually seeing closer to 17% of my modified hp

Find me how to make the numbers add up and I’ll be all over it. But I highly doubt this. You don’t add up other buffs this way.

I agree. I tagged dragonpunch in another thread in hopes he will clarify


Yeah, I’m really not sure on any of this. Something is definitely off here. My spell is currently doing about 50% more damage than the math says it should, but I don’t know what my original number was so I can’t say for certain how my gameplay has been affected.


Well at least we found one constant, I am also seeing about 17% of modified HP as damage. Now how the hell the math works out that way is anyones guess.


Hope they get this sorted for me that has decent gear full legandary and 4 pieces of elite pathox feels about the same as before, but feels strange you need that to get to baseline again


It would have made so much more sense if they made spell scaling work a bit like the perch.

In other words, in Sapphire your gear can boost spells up to 20% and garnet 25‰ etc. So if you had 50% HP boost in total your spells could increase by 10%.

But now we all need math degrees to work it out and I think one thing we can agree on is that most players math is a bit lacking :grin: