Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


They already have to have an NDA, so why not? If they are capable of being mod then they smart enough to help out on test. If they to busy with mod and don’t test much so what, even if they test 1 day a year but see something, that’s more info than before. In essence every little bit of info can help.

Regardless I mentioned mods along with the question of “do GPF get test build access”, of which you didn’t answer and I would like to know as GPF’s input to knowledge given will be different with or without it (edit: answer was given as yes by another), as Modmat established before when I asked that he didn’t have test, so I knew they didn’t.


I believe that the NDA is related to sensitive content internally discussed.


Mods are for sorting out language issues and categories of posts , maybe using polite language and such . The work of moderator is to make sure code of conduct are maintained in general from what i believe. It has no relation to what PG monitors or thinks about their understanding of game. The basic purpose of moderator is different from GPF.
Selection of GPF or moderator is not in scope of moderators or GPF though, and also similar is CF. Each NDA is exclusive in itself for each profile. Consider it similar to a HR specialist, Art specialist and Technical expert jobs :thinking: . Each one maybe able to do other one’s work but their roles are specified already , and so are access.

By your logic every GPF and CF member also become mods and start controlling forums i believe.

:man_facepalming: I don’t know why i wrote this… still sleepy


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I don’t know how mod gives you gift of knowing many intricacies about WD yet. Not saying they might not know. That’s simply not criterion for someone to be mod.
Lets talk more if you were ever interviewed for multiple posts. I don’t want to wast3 more time trying to explain to someone who wants to not read everything but read between lines


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The answer to that question was already in GPF introduction post I believe , and I am fairly sure you know the answer.
To satisfy you, Yes


No offense to the mods but this is a very large stretch.

To build on the job placement method of explaining it to you, just because HR knows how to turn on a computer doesn’t mean that they know how to use AutoCAD.


This GPF post does not.

I honestly I have no idea what goes on behind closed doors without first asking the question, thanks for answering.


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Playing WD doesn’t equate to a knowledge of war dragons.

Just like you playing for 3 years doesn’t mean that you are knowledgeable at the game either.

People are chosen for their task. Some people are better at administration. Some are better at art. Some are better at analysis.

GPF has test builds
Mods do not
CF does not

Why? Because that’s not in their wheelhouse of expertise

War Dragons Bug-Bashing Discussion

feels like hitting a rock at this point.

no thank you! so that the actual engineer has to work for 2x more time just correcting mistakes? :scream:


Someone got pros and path last season and can give a resume after patch for both. I think pros is becoming significantly better than pathox in lower tiers (let’s they obsidian).


BamBam has that, moves the focus from the important to #@:@ topics. In that sense, he is an effective troll.
On topic: what is the experience with Pathox now? I heard some is worst


Agree with @TulkasDeBalic.

Let’s put that “mod faction chat” aside, and back to spell scaling.
Still waiting for some PX explanation about it…


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After the hotfix crippling chill does different damage literally every single time I open the game. It is almost always worst off than before the update.


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One thing to note, I think, is that during the Summer season, the power curve of seasonal dragons was significantly modified, such that the vast majority of the power of the dragons comes in the last evolution stone. Prior to that last evolution stone, the dragon’s statistics are not all that impressive.

So nerfing dragons like Pathox so that the top tier of the dragon feels right had grossly unanticipated consequences on every tier below that, not just because of spell scaling, but because of this redesign in power distribution.

Which was also something that happened without much in the way of transparency.


We really need a major rework of the entire games scaling to acceptable levels. If they can get this right then a lot will be different, but at least correct. Lots will complain, but as long as it correct, again I say correct, then sorry but give it a month to adjust and get on with the game. This pertains to spell scaling because game scaling is making spell scaling highlight previous bandaid fixes, spell scaling is a bandaid fix itself too.