Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


While I appreciate the need to “scale” in some form, I have to say that I drew the unlucky straw and the dragons I have worked hard on are almost useless. When I say worked hard, I mean countless hours earning elite gear, shards to upgrade all gear and xp to train both dragons and riders.

I realize it is by dumb coincidence that my stronger dragons were affected negatively - and I’m sure there is some dragon in my den that I put on the shelf that probably has become “better”. Am I pleased? no; because I honestly think there were other ways to achieve the “balance” desired without leaving me searching for something that will work for the dragons I opted to grow and focus on. Not sure I will bother looking at dragons this season - seems pointless if you spend the time to have it nerfed to worthless position.


Can i ask specifics of which dragons of yours were negatively affected?


Well, Cort for one - he was one of my two goto dragons - he now can barely do my invader base


Due to sacrifice taking more health than typical? (i have no recent knowledge of sacrifice spell or how it changed)


rage - it seems to cost more rage to equip and does not replenish as it did in past


axi also seems far more sluggish - those were the two I focused my time and energy on and they are now far too undependable atm


So your overall rage meter is different?
Or just the rage gained from sacrifice spell?

Can you quantify “sluggish”? As in attack speed? Rainbow shot speed? Spells or regular attack?

(trying to help out here btw so sent you message in game)


It appears to be both, overall and especially the rage gain from sacrifice (that’s a dramatic change)

On Axi - it feels like there is a complete delay on attack speed overall and rainbow shot is definately slower and perhaps not as thorough in it’s delivery.

Thank you, Mechengg - I will check game in a few. I do not normally log in from work but will. I appreciate you trying to help.


A nerf is a nerf is a nerf. How many players have Pathox at max level?

PG can hide my posts, but the fact is they nerfed a mythic just a few short weeks after his season was over.

Nefarious pre planed obsolescence with bait and switch to get folks to buy into him, or gross incompetence at every level from planning, testing, implementation, and nerf because of a single use case, either way PG simply doesn’t deliver and does not deserve our loyalty or cash.

I REALLY want to like this game. I spend big bucks on it and a LOT of time. I’m pushing like mad to get into the 300 wall but this type of stuff kills my motivation. Seriously.


Well the rage regen hasn’t had any changes to it, but i can ask. I more suspect that what you are feeling is the sacrifice. It used to take 10% of base HP, which was maybe 5% of your actual modified HP. Now it takes an actual 10%, which feels like double the health for the same amount of rage (aka you can gain half the rage for the same health decrease)

As in hunter shot projectile speed has been lowered? AKA the speed at which the fireball leaves the dragons mouth until it hits the tower has changed? Same with rainbow shot? I will check this out, i’ve been using Axi for a long time so i have the feel for the timing.

EDIT: I just did a few quick runs and don’t feel any appreciable difference in either rainbow shot speed or regular hunter attack speeds but i will ask anyways :slight_smile:

Also no need to log in right now, just when you have time :slight_smile:


My pathox crippling chill is still doing less damage than before the update, even with boosts rubies and a full set of gear. This is disappointing, PG. Thanks for nerfing pathox.


Thank you so much for looking into this. On the Cort - the changeover really makes him useless as he can barely finish gold mine runs now. Which, I would not have spent the time on him that I had if I had known the developers were going to take away.

Axi - Its a slower response time (how long the shot takes to hit the target) or at least it was last night. I will certainly play and test further tonight.

I really appreciate the help Mechengg - thank you


I definitely feel a big difference in how corth attacks now. The regeneration spell takes more dragon xp which changes the way we have fly it making it almost unusable in normal runs.


Math post spoiler alert

Ok reduction of spell power seems is boost/1.3 rounded to tenths of %, not a 30% reduction in truth it’s only 23%.

Then research seems to boost HP correctly giving visual HP of dragon (if gear shows visual I don’t have any on the dragon im testing).
30% research boost is Base x 1.3

Consumable buff of 30% gives 23%, which if you remember from spell reduction is the “30% reduction” but this time it’s the boost amount.
30% consumable is visual HP x 1.230769
Edit: Been corrected by others and makes more sense, consumable buff adds HP equal to Base HP x 1.3 to visual Hp.

The above worked for my test, more to come (edit: confirmed for Tarand roar and also Lethal Barrier), but want to see if this works with anyone else.

Now the confusing part.

Expert Khrysos 30% research, no gear.
2662973 Base HP x .05 roar = 133148 :heavy_check_mark: Observered pre scale damage

.05/1.3=.0384… = .038 new spell scaling %

2662973 x 1.3 = 3461865 :heavy_check_mark: Visual HP

3461865 x .038 = 131550 :heavy_check_mark: Post scale damage, 30% HP buff from research did not equal pre because of the rounding above

3461865 x 1.230769 (1/1.3 the way they do a spell reduction = .769231, .230769 is 1-(1/1.3)) = 4260756
This is the 30% consumable adding HP above visual HP.
Edit: 2662973 x 1.3 = 798892 + 3461865 = 4260757

4260756 x .038 = 161908.7, I observed 161908 :heavy_check_mark: Post scale damage with 30% HP consumable

Edited for better punctuation and readability
Edit: If they stated spells as 23% and some change reduction, because as such 30% buff makes pre to post equal. Also, 30% consumable as times by 1.3 instead of 1+(1/3), 1.23 and some change, it would be correctly stated and hopefully a lot of confusion cleared.


Crippling Chill was supposed to be adjusted by 30% like the other spells listed. Why was it instead adjusted from 14% to 8%???


Now 9.5%, but it’s been explained above. Short version is dragon hp scaling through its lvls made this spell need a specific change like the chart below the main list. They still working on it though.


Because vanguard pathox was 1-2 shoting maxed towers so the rest got nerfed so vanguard pathox didnt walk through bases easily so now anyone below that (possibly below harbinger) suffers because the power ramp on pathox is screwed up and it gets sginiggantly more powerful as it goes. I think it evens out around obsidian but cant be certain with a busy schedule at work and skipping some posts with there being so many.


Got it. Thanks. I should have kept reading.

If that’s the case then I’m certainly not spending another dime on this game. I can live with the 30% as part of the overall scaling, but a nerf on top of that because they once again failed to fully test before they implemented a change, and everyone who spent money and time to get pax that’s not vanguard has to get screwed because they lack the expertise to implement a more thorough and balanced solution… what’s my incentive to spend time and money for the next dragon when this shit happens? Screw that!


PG: Sorcerors and warriors suck, what should we do?
Players: Give them better skill sets and/or buff their damage output slightly.
PG: We know! Make all dragons stronger by an arbitrary, untested amount!
Players: …ummm, Pathox now can 1-2 shot towers, and Corthanak loses almost all of his health using sacrifice. It’s all worse.
PG: Dang, all the dragons are unbalanced now. Well, let’s just nerf Pathox at Vanguard.
Non-vanguard players: wtf?! Pathox can’t even 5 shot towers!
PG: 9.5%???
Players: you guys really have no idea what you’re doing, do you?
PG: We have taken that into consideration and will consult with our team. We will compile our responses before 2020 and plan to present a hot fix for you at some point. Just trust us.


I am not a skilled flyer, I got Noctua a month ago and flew her a lot, last few days she’s not as she was
And Pathox… not right