Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


Yall missed the mark in such a massive way you should just roll this back. Dragons and bases that were competitive are now just walking over and being walked over. You essentially nerfed pathox which is the most expensive mythic to date I believe, and un nerfed huitzil… It is near impossible to defend against what was once a challenge but doable. You have essentially rendered a game that used to take skill into a candy crush like childs game. I am honestly so disheartened I cant bring myself to so anything right now. Takes literally 0 skill now to fly a base that was challenging and is next to impossible to defend. Add on the new Atlas season with the crap revive rates because you cant even defend and the increased cost of atlas season lines… this is literally the biggest ahit show I have ever seen and I honestly dont even want to log on… ridiculous, despicable, ploy to get revenue is what this looks like when the above is considered. Additionally you all have been given massive amounts of feedback on issues we want fixed, I honestly dont ever recall this being a part of that list… ever…300+ is STILL screwed… maybe you should have fixed that… Player happiness is looking to be about the last thing you all care about…


This is the way it should of always been tbh


The ones that see a broader scope like the turn this is taking. This game has three classes but we should only use 1? List of towers but mainly use 1 type? 40 tower base but only use 15? This change is a start to correcting these.

Now for spell scaling it just got implemented so a work in progress, if you want to give some info as to what is broke why then by all means, but just straight whining isn’t going to get anything done. Also, don’t say it’s not like it was because it shouldn’t be. If Pathox is underpowered say so and show it, if Huitzil is OP say so and show it.


I personally can’t say really anything (considering I don’t have pathox) but I have noticed a small change in cavaleris with
1: his regeneration now heals roughly 30%
And 2: his war cry now used multiple times actually makes a difference.

Still in the process of leveling Gunnar so I can’t say anything on him but my old chimerak that is going to obsidian is actually playable again with the earthquake doing more than an iota of damage :rofl::rofl:.
Only on garnets but I have been going back and testing a lot of my divines that I didn’t get far (kinnarus aibrean coatl leos fomhar and equestor) I have noticed some changes. In general I know these aren’t “elite play” dragons but if it makes it somewhere near being useful for other dragons then with a few tweaks for some, such as pathox, I can honestly see that it could make a difference. I don’t spend so I don’t have mythics but I do grind and am a e2p player. Guess just showing some input. But like I said don’t take my word for much I’m in the lower bracket.

TLDR: Needs some additional tweaks for some dragons but imho a general good step forward since gear release. Always going to have players that complain about something but we’ll see how the future holds.


Do you have any of these dragons and have you tested them ?


I have the ones I have shown in my tests, if he wants to explain things for his he needs to show it.


When you say correct what you actually mean is change the bases of the game in a drastic way. For example the person which a 15 Island 75 base may have now wasted their money.

Similarly people who paid and planned getting pathox or corth have been screwed.

It’s all well and good saying players need to prove it but I’m not a paid PG employee. I didn’t take extensive data before the update to make sure I could check it all. That’s their job they should be presenting the data at the very least for the more commonly used dragons.

Not this oh shit this isn’t working as we thought it would let’s hot fix it repeatedly. Their quality control team is clearly understaffed and the pressure to put this out has overridden the desire to do it right. Which sadly is PGs motto


Most certainly, they keep doing bandaids that can’t hold back the flood. The forums here are a partial cause of that as no one is patient and wants everything now now now.
If they came to a point that was playable but had issues we could just sit back and chill while they did a major rework in the background, correctly. Then implement that so mostly everyone is happy, never everyone.
Problem is the forums here won’t allow that, it’s always give me give me.


So how many years and broken implementations are reasonable to wait? I have been here a while but apparently I am all about instant gratification. The whole point of the GPF was to help reduce these fiascos but it seems more like just a place to redirect the pitch forks after PG ignores them. There was no transparency with this update. So much for PGs hot air initiatives.


You mean cos everyone here had been screaming for spell scaling? I’d never seen that personally.


My personal opinion.

Spell scaling translated means

PG: How can we increase spending err activity in atlas? We need to sell more shard packs. And it needs to be easy like flipping a switch a one fits all approach. If it doesn’t fit we have 50,000 beta testers.

Ah there is a Customer let’s see…

Oh you don’t have good gear? Well then your spells won’t be as strong as they could be after we roll out spell scaling. But no problem We have a solution. Buy gear. Oh and did we tell you that some dragons have extremely good spells and these spells will make you win a lot? And it gets better the higher the gear gets.

Customer: Ok shut up and take my money.


Seems there was more than previous things, but PG is still stuck on getting things out quick instead of patiently. If you’ve been around a long time, I have too, then you know how this community gets at times and what outcomes come of it.

Didn’t have to, because it’s actually the right correct thing to have all along. If we put a boost on the dragon it should make the spell damage more too. With previous damage BASE HP x a % no matter what you did to boost the spells did the same amount, this was wrong. Now they trying to do it right but have to get it right in the process.


Agreed. I am of the personal opinion that this entire unbalanced shitshow should be withdrawn until it’s fixed.


Gear needs a scale adjustment too as it’s ridiculously stupid high. With the way the spell scaling is at the core is a 30% boost to HP/ATK equals before, been proven to be nearly correct but they rounded. This is a good change, but needs time and numbers to tweak. They did implement to soon without GPF finding or them listening to all these issues. Then the flip side is what better test audience than

to find all the errors?

Edit: reply to Red’s above, I think they got enough info from the masses that a revert and fix would be beneficial as before was wrong but not horrible. Goes back to what I said somewhere that if they can get the game to playable with problems and then work on correctly fixing in the background the major rework we could live with that I think.


I don’t mind spell scaling if the gear boost isn’t as high as current boost…

Think I’ll agree with Mike here…


So you say they have to rush it because everyone is screaming for it but then respond that they did it cos it’s the right thing to do. It may be the right thing to do but there was no time pressure. So why rush out an poorly done product?


because that’s what they do… It’s PG after all. But the blame is not entire on them:

We should not forget it’s 2019: the humans of this era are not famous for patience.
Production put quantity and speed over quality. Sprinkle some snowflakes all over it, and you have a Millenial Cake. Bon appetit!


That’s human nature, impatience. They didn’t have to rush it out but they did. Then problems arose so mases exploded, they countered with a hot fix, still masses exploding, yet another hotfix. This loop needs to stop and with them being the smaller entity it would be best for them to stop it, but we can try not to fuel the fire in the process too.


Ok I haven’t dove into it enough to know exactly what they done, but War Cry ain’t right.

It was already off mod HP, tested by two, and y’all nerf it here.

Kirin observed mod damage 64163
1 cast 69296
2 cast 74429
3 cast 79562
4 cast 84695
5 cast 89828
6 cast 94961

These are only .07999999999 per cast, not the .1 it was and should be. Only moves based off base were supposed to be effected. @Arelyna


War cry was 10% pre spell-scaling. Therefore, 8% post spell scaling sounds fair.