Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


Of modified HP already

10/1.3= 7.7 not 7.999 repeating

Not when it was already modified HP and therefore should not have been touched.


Ok now I’m pissed. :angry:

Just went through an Atlas battle so I got to see how all these lovely changes are playing out in real life. My base got completely snow-plowed by multiple Vanguard Oni’s and Pathox’s that are even STRONGER than they were before (though before I used to be able to stop them sometimes). Nobody below me even tries to hit me anymore - it’s just the Vanguards- (That was the case even before spell-scaling, but now the Vanguards are all stronger. :woman_facepalming:)

Plus, my own puny Pathox is even weaker than before so I have no shot at hitting them back without a huge backer.

This situation is MESSED UP. Way to make it even easier for those on top to squash the little guys. lol


Ironic really, because they decided Vanguard Pax was too strong after spell scaling so they arbitrarily nerfed him. Careful about complaining he’s still too strong at Vanguard…you’ll get yours weakened some more because evidently top tier is all that matters to PG.

Do what I’m doing. Stop spending anything until they implement a real fix, and file a complaint


Why does it sound fair


I am positive you missed the point. In the hands of a skilled flyer the hardest class to fly ought to be more powerful. All things considered a 5b Itzani, 5b Oni, and 5b Jorm ought to be the same. The difference would be skill in flight. Now it’s basically can you poosh da button on wArRiOr…It literally is that simple. It has nothing to do with a hunter being more powerful… It has everything to do with skill. This is the equivalent of paying and playing a 3rd string the same as Tom Brady (I freaking hate the Patriots btw)… The idea is let’s take folks that have no skill and give them the same capabilities as those that have worked their butts off to L E A R N how to fly hunters… Not too mention the myriad issues that we have ALL been complaining about have NOT been addressed and the one that literally nobody gave a crap about or even asked for en masse has been “fixed”.




Now that explains a bit more. I believe you’re saying equal power dragons should be equally competitive, but hunters spells make them a better choice to good flyers. This spell scaling on the other hand has flipped the balance from Hunters are the best flyers and strongest to some OP dragons of different classes now, but no OP hunter?
Like balance was previously Hunters: 8 Sorcerers: 5 Warriors: 3 in 1-10 scale, but got changed to H:5 S:8 W:8?


Hunters make a good choice to lead with bc of their ability to get rid of 1 or 2 towers specifically and rather easily plus survive so that a follow up dragon can easily clean up starting with rage. Ultimately it is the spells but each class has something to bring to the table that is an advantage over something else and cant say hunters get the best spells


I am on your side trust me, I fly all the “oddballs” and like em. But take the common theme is that all but Hunters and very few others are crap.

Edit as reply to below: :upside_down_face: only Hunter I ever really used besides Ember lv1 is Nightshade and knocking on lvl 200 it’s just nearly time to retire him unfortunately.


Tbh yeah hunters have the most of the best dragons lol very rare to find a sorcerer having such potential and warriors even more so

Honestly i hate pathox and even axi i feel like they are too easy for what they are able to accomplish but at least can counter axi with tower placement. only reason i dont feel that way about Nec is because of the lack of attack. Also i dont own fom but i know it earned a spot on top respectively . Neptus i accept but dont like lol
Pathox is the most OP dragon ive ever seen that shouldnt be able to do what it does because it is so easy to do it…glitched Corth would also be a candidate and i dont even know why im saying this stuff bc its just me personally for how i like to play. I guess i just felt i deserved my right to complain about something in this game… even if it is to just release stress lol


And continue


They’re still tweaking it

This thread probably has more up to date pathox specific spell dmg information

To my knowledge it’s currently at 9.5%


Even so Spell Scaling should have improved the game for all Players it doesn’t. I can only speak to what I observed so far on my own.

I spent a lot last Season and Pathox is… no wait was my best Dragon in the roster. Before Spell Scaling I liked flying against challenging bases with my Obsidian Pathox equiped with legendary and elite gear. Spell Scaling came out and during the breeding event I went up to Harbinger tier. Guess what, it now feels like gambling against bases which where doable before as crippling chill isn’t as useful as it was, period.

Now we have the first war, with me having the best base and the formerly best dragon we are going to loose easily as defending my base was not possible anymore against scaled dragons and nerfed Pathox is likely not going to take out the enemies anymore.

This is at least for our team (50 players) the outcome of PG unmotivated mythic hunter downscaling and base nerfing… Applause.

I am into gaming for over 30 years and have never experienced such a bad balancing. That said I stop spending until the game will feel rewarding again and spending into it will not be like … “Oh you spend a lot into it and now we are going to just make your spending literally useless because we don’t care about you as you are to low (316)!”

Think about it… This is my first post!


It isn’t. Due to massive unbalanced gear and restricted resources, it isn’t.
Spell scaling makes the gap between the have and the have not, even wider. Not even chance to withstand it is given.


Thats why I wrote “should”…


Is it just me or are all the hunters garnet and below seem a lil weaker even my axi which was my favorite hits like a feather weight now ?


Rider? Gear?
Haven’t flown Pros during this event, due to certain polar bear :disappointed:


Horrible gear just epic with maybe 1 or 2 legendaries using boosts.


Trying to wrap my head around all of this. You consider yourself a little guy whilst in presumably Vanguard tier? Your Pathox somehow got weaker even though you’re presumably in Vanguard tier? Wat


Yeah not sure about that. Pathox was supposed to gain too much power at vanguard so they nerfed him. But he still gained power. Only nerf to Pathox occurs at lower levels.