Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


Yeah. That being said, I’m in Garnet with meh gear, probably 60/50 at best, and my Pathox appears to have gotten stronger.

Enemy Garnet Pathox seem to have gotten stronger as well. This one dude beat my hammer spam just using chill in spectral form. My base is pretty strong for what it’s worth so that kind of annoyed me (blamed it on lag :grin:).

I wish I had numbers of my damage pre-update so I could compare but I’m pretty sure he’s hitting MUCH harder than before.


Keep the spell scaling, scale the gear down? :eyes:


Now where have I heard that idea before? :joy:


Lee has Pathox equations over on Pathox OP thread.


Someone that has Cav able to test his War Cry similar to my Kirin numbers in post 759? Make sure to find a base without perch debuff’s or totem debuff, was my first mistake when I tried calcing.


I’m not in Vanguard tier. Where did you get that idea?


How does it make sense for PG to freak out that Vanguard Pathox’s were able to take out level 75 towers with two crippling chill casts-- and yet then release Surt? :thinking:


So they have something to nerf in spring… :rofl: And the disappointed Pathox owners need a substitute, don’t they?


Yep I’ve thinking of Need for Speed or Sim City… Oh you mean a dragon substitute! My bad :innocent:


if I were you I wouldn’t name any other games. Just to stay on the safe side. :slight_smile:

And yes, I meant a substitute for the strongest divine dragon.


Yeah, the one time I get a mythic he gets nerfed in no time. Learned my lesson not to bust my ass going for a mythic since PG is going to render him useless a month later.

But hey it’s okay that an obsidian Surt can take max bases defended but my pathox has to take longer on his own tier. That’s not a big middle finger from PG at all. sarcastic eye roll


Oh pick me. This one is easy. Pathox is old. Surt requires spending,right now! Gotta catch them all. Shiny new dragon for only a few sigils. Get them today at the shop…


Ironically, I was willing to spend not only for Surt, but to get next season mythics that I believe will be hunter and sorcerer… Not anymore. Unless PG fixes the mythic hunter I worked my ass 6 months to get. :innocent:


To be frank, Surt seems to be so overpowered that I find GODLIKE more suitable. At least that’s what Odin’s video suggests.

And if that is really the case - which I can neither confirm nor deny - it may face an adjustment. Therefore I decided to hoard more stuff and not going for it, no matter how tempting such a sorcerer is.


Good point. I guess we can expect a month or so into Spring Surt will be nerfed by some arbitrary amount, but certainly not before that… Gotta get everyone to take the bait before they pull the switch.


godmode only for undefended bases. storm towers and earth flaks will make Surt much much less effective, cuz red mage wont die while storm/earth flack super shot is active. during this time Surt gets damage and freezes flying over front/center positioned red mage.

but…any current vanguard mythic dragon geared to 5-6 bil power is gonna be nightmare for even defended top base. Surt will be the same till the next 80 lvl cap.


There are a bunch of content creators saying he is overpowered. Honestly he is so beyond overpowered in this state


I can only echo what I hear from others, as I don’t have Surt. BUt thank you for your input. :slight_smile: It’s always nice to broaden my knowledge


Neither do I personally. It’s just that spell set is just… it’s obscene. I have never seen anything even remotely close to as broken

Hell I hate sorcerers and I feel like I have to try and get him (in a month or so in case an early nerf happens)


This is spell scaling, shouldn’t talks recently about Surt stuff go to the wave 2 discussion thread?