Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


Well sure, that’s the idea. Make it too good to pass up now and deal with the balancing problem afterwards. For the good of the game (at the highest level anyway) it will need to be adjusted… So sorry you got screwed. Have a nice day!

Why would anyone spend time and money on Surt after seeing what they did to Pax?


A fool and his money are soon: {insert your own word here}.


I didn’t spend for him. And yeah that may be the idea but that doesn’t mean it’s good or fair


Honestly, I got Pathox and Aristrat last Season. After this Update and the third time in a row that PG royally fucked up (excuse my french) and is ignoring what players do tell them BEFORE I am close to quit. What I learned is: “DO NOT SPEND AND DO NOT EXPECT UPDATES DO DELIVER ANYTHING THAT WAS PROMISED”.

Examples are already floating around in the 800+ replies.

At least you could be lucky and get an answer from PG when you post something of topic. Hulk is stronger than Thor.


I read all the maths , explenations abot this scaling , but how it will work ? it will be like a boost of power on dragons , that we can see or just it will act like Spell penetration ?
I have 2 mithycs with riders geared elite/legendary(over 60% on both) and i don’t see any difference .i cannot test this because i don’t have any reference to go with , like before and after thing.


Long story short. Dragons with the 30% boost will be the same as they were before the boost.

Spells will now use the modified health and damage to work out how strong they are. This means that spells have “the potential” to do more damage. How dramatic this is depends on gear, boosts, riders and the spell


Unless they got nerfed, like pathox.


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It’s not obvious to everyone that their dragons that they worked so hard for got nerfed. Especially when PG tried to make it sound like the players are better off and will have stronger dragons due to this nerf.


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Mentioning that certain dragons got nerfed is relevant. It is not as simple as “now your dragon needs a 30% boost for it to be as powerful as it was before”, as PG wants us to think.


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It is for the gist, now a few got unique changes as listed in the lower chart of blog. Also, random errors like Pathox’s HP curve as he lvls have created unforeseen problems too.

If you notice something that seems like an error then explain it here, similar to my War Cry post above. But just going PG sucks and this sucks doesn’t help anything.


No it might not help anything but welcome to the forums where people come to complain about issues. I’d ask if you were new here but we all know better than that. If we drop things and not mention them anymore guess what pg wont care and it will never get fixed or addressed you and everyone else should know that by now. Every dragon got nerfed forcing people to use the 30% consumables so that their dragon can be the same as they were before. If you dont have atlas or gear your screwed is what it come down too.


Do you have zero research done? No riders or gear, even the crappy seasonal stuff? If so, yes your dragons are only as powerful now with a 30% consumable. If you have even some of the research done and some of the seasonal gear, then your dragons got stronger. Only exceptions are listed in the chart on the blog. And even for those exceptions, if you have some decent gear then they are more powerful too.

So are you complaining because they changed things, and you dont like change? Or do you just not get math?


That’s not the case for pathox. I have research, a full set of legendary/elite gear and am using boosts, but his crippling chill is still significantly weaker than it was.

I’m glad to see some players are happy with their dragons being nerfed for no reason :roll_eyes:


Lee explains your errors in the post just below yours.


What errors? If you have research done yes it puts it closer to what it should be but still without riders and gear (fyi not everyone has these) you HAVE to use the 30% boosts to get a slight advantage over where it was before. Some dragons even with the scaling are still worse off than they were before.


Majority of dragons any boost of 30% equals previous, which is solved by research in most cases. Now a few spells did get custom rates but they are listed in the small chart at bottom of the blog post.


Yes but your not getting the point bam like normal…some dragons like the ones that got special rates it’s not as simple as adding a boost to fix it. Just adding the boosts wont make thing the same as they were before. Let me say this one more time THIS IS FORCING PEOPLE TO USE 30% BOOSTS. Eventually people will run out making them spend money or have weaker dragons