Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


If you care to read the post below Havoks that I quoted. I did ask if he thought the classes should be equal then skill sets them apart. I would agree with that. As it did stand though 99% of people could care less as long as they got their Hunters. I see that as the problem.


That is actually not true. I don’t recall where exactly it is, but PG has stated that warriors are, in fact, the most popular class of dragon in the game. They apparently have the metrics to back that up.

My problem with warriors is that most of them are beyond boring to fly. They are about as exciting as running Kinnarus through my invader base. Which I am actually doing as I am typing this.

Hunters on the other hand get me excited because if I screw up I’ll probably not manage to win. Screw up with a warrior and you’ll still probably win if you are hitting at your dragons capacity.


Ok take back the 99% it was an exaggeration, the point still stands.


The problem is that PG seems to have a difficult time designing warriors that reward skill and aren’t face-rolly dragons. If warriors weren’t so boring to fly, I’d actually fly them. Hell, I’m going for UVS this season because he is so much fun to fly, and I typically don’t like flying warriors. (As evidenced by the fact that my roster currently contains 0 warriors…)

Current roster:


If gear is nerfed, pg will lost most likely half a million dollars to refunds over it.


Perhaps give them burst damage as well.


Yep, that would help make warriors better. The current meta for warriors is more than a bit broken and it will take some doing to fix it though :woman_shrugging:


I can see that as your preference.
Think of this example.
Current rate has Hunters power 8: Sorc:6 Warrior:4, take flying skill “boost” into effect and you get H: 10 S: 7 W:4. Good balance would be H:6 S:6 W:6 with “boost” H:8 S:7 W:6, eh?


That doesn’t explain why many of my teammates hate using hunters…


Hunters are why I play the game.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: There are only 2 reasons why I used warriors during PvP (specifically KW)

  • I need more xp runs.
  • I want to annoy the target


Dude, you’re just way over exaggerating this. You dinged other people for using bad arguments. This is a bad argument. Just because you want this change doesn’t mean you have to argue the downside doesn’t exist.


Not really the numbers add up. 30% doesn’t take much. I think you might be over exaggerating personally. An orange tier player likely has this 30% beat…

If they have all orange tier research and it’s hp based its at least 17% from research alone. If you have a rider, easily 10%, if you have gear it’s definitely more than 10% for just common gear. If you have any rune it will depends on the spell. Otherwise you have the generic hp and attack, which I believe an expert legendary are 3%. (Completely achievable)

It kind of sounds like you are the one who don’t want it. If pg hasn’t rolled it back by now, it’s not happening.

I don’t really care about the change. I’m against what it’s done to my base defense and balance overall. I recognize it as being there like it or not and that it’s necessary to scale spells no matter how much future adjustments it requires.


This isn’t true. :slight_smile: Unless the flyer knew only to chill spam or had no proper gears, there’s no way this will be the case.


I use warriors when I’m bored, or to drunk to focus :grin:


It’s all about how a base is geared and if you know how to defend. My kill island has an IF and a DF with a blue in the back so if pathox doesnt spectral right away it get smacked with the ice can’t spectral then gets smacked with the dark. With high health buildings, hammers, and people that know how to defend it’s really not hard to stop pathox but this is very off topic.

On topic I still want to know from pg what they plan on doing with pathox and his scaling.


Maybe because the game has more low-level players who still love their warriors? Skarr was a jaw dropper when I first saw his black smoke spewing everywhere.

My Ebon was a cupcake


If you thought pathox couldn’t crippling chill front 3 and burst out ammo before having to cloak to dodge ice flak SS, then you haven’t defended against good fliers and no point of this discussion.

On topic - I thought they balanced it at 9.5 and I think it’s fairly decent now. :man_shrugging:


Skarr is pretty much the last warrior I have truly enjoyed flying until I got to test UVS :rofl::rofl::rofl: (although I have to admit that Mehatten’s lasers are freaking cool, but other than that the dragon kinda sucks if he’s not on a perch lol)


He was a major let down (back breed) for me. He is expert and perched where at least he’s useful.