Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


I liked chimerak too, and huitzel.


There hasn’t been word on this in a week now. Is Pax going to be fixed or left as is?


I hate warriors. lol
I never use them anywhere but on invader. I keep hearing about how great Destar was/is so with the recent spell scaling changes supposedly making warriors even better, I decided to give him a go a couple of days ago. I leveled him all the way (to my cap) and put the rider I had for Axi on him- who has some pretty good armor. I took him out on the road and right out of the chute I hit a defender and crashed and burned hard. :joy:

Did I mention I hate warriors? lol

I get that I could probably use some practice since I obviously haven’t flown him anywhere but invader- and maybe I just hit a base with some serious gear on it. But I just don’t see him ever doing well against defenders. TBH- I don’t see why people seem to think he’s so great? :woman_shrugging:


Am I the only one not having problems with Pathox? He feels appropriately strong to me. Not sure what the angst is about… Assuming they make the promised adjustments to tune down other dragons that are now slightly unbalanced, I have no objections to his current level.


He was really good against the tower levels he was released for. Plus he was also the top dragon when bases got nerfed horribly around flak-gate (when it was discovered flaks simply stopped scaling after some random level in the 40s IIRC) so he flattened a lot of bases then and got an OP reputation. Then the balance got swung back to towers and he couldn’t kill a damn thing besides via flux.

TL;DR he hasn’t been good for months.


Probably defends on your level and definitely depends on gear, runes, rider, etc…


Hey Everyone,

We’ve heard the concerns regarding Berserk (and similar spells), Chaos (and similar Spells), and Sacrifice. Please see the changes that we have made below:

Berserk Based Spells: We noticed that Berserk and its counterparts were unlike any other spell which existed in the game prior because these spells were already scaling. Unfortunately, this meant that we dropped the percentage boost to accommodate for scaling when we did not in fact need to do so. We reverted the Attack Bonus to before Spell Scaling:

  • Berserk: 60% --> 75% Attack bonus
  • Rampage: 80% --> 100% Attack bonus
  • Autumn’s Reap: 65% --> 85% Attack bonus

Sacrifice (Blue and White): After hearing feedback from players that this currently felt as though this was taking too much health for the amount of rage received, we’ve reduced the Self Damage even more to be at a similar level to before spell scaling.

  • Pre-Spell Scaling: At 15% of base, you were able to cast for 13 times.

  • Current Spell Scaling: Now at 11.5%, you can cast 8 times.

  • Changed to 7.5%, where you can cast for 13 times.

Havoc Based Spells: Based on feedback, we could definitely see that these spells were nerfed a bit too much. We have brought the below spells back to where they should feel much better.

  • Havoc: Attack Bonus from 115 --> 163
  • Chaos: Attack Bonus from 80 --> 95
  • Talon Frenzy: Attack Bonus from 38 --> 63
  • Havoc Consumable: Attack Bonus from 115 --> 163
  • Havoc (in the Tutorial): Attack Bonus from 150 --> 163

UVS: After some feedback regarding UVS, we have decided to improve UVS’s projectile speed to 300 to help this dragon as it currently exists.

Pathox: This dragon will not be further touched at this time.

We understand that there are still some issues that need to be ironed out regarding spell scaling, and we truly appreciate all of the feedback that players are currently providing. We are continuing to evaluate the concerns that people have brought us, and we encourage the continued discussion as players have more time with this change.

What does more damage?

This right?

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Autumn reap is a Beserker-based spell. It’s also included in the above post


It is a mistake and honestly turned me off from ever working hard to get a mythic again. What’s the point when they go back and make changes after the fact. I expected him to be relevant for me for a bit more than he will be now.


Darn it.

Yes. And it’s explained and everything. I’ll edit my post. Guess I’m tired from all the atlas battles.



Yall missed the War Cry doing this. I explained above for reference.


Dont know if this is because of the spellscaling or that they are just cheating.
Today on my lvl 182 alt that has max towers and full leg def gear with 5 elite pieces, had a green gunnar just plow through the base like it was nothing, and this was defended.
So something is really wrong here.
Normally anything less then emerald dont make a dent.


Video, save to YouTube, send link in ticket and PM Arelyna and Crisis.

If it’s green, it’s a hack for sure.


This is crap. Ya designed him with most of his beef on the end tiers then cut the legs out from under anyone who isn’t at least in Obsidian.

Enough with the bait and switch bullshit. When you present a product to your customers, you’ll honor the product as it’s presented. That is all.


Its official. I’m going E2P. Thanks PG. I can spend my cash on other things in 2019.


@Arelyna It’s pretty clear most folks are upset about this nerf. Why do you choose to do nothing about it?

Edit: obviously not you specifically, but PG writ large.


While I do not like to be proven right, at least I am not disappointed. I expected to be conned out of a mythic I spent a season to achieve and regardless what several heavy posters in this thread suggested about what PG would do, at least we now know what they actually will do.

And none of the numerology practised here is reflected in the actual changes now implemented.


Can anyone please show me how/where Pathox was nerfed?

I don’t know for certain what my Chill damage was before the update, but my calculations plop level 22 Pathox with maxed glyph at around 1.623m damage (14% of base health + half base dps). My current observed damage is 2.53m and my gear is not spectacular in the slightest. Nor are my assortment of runes and glyphs.

I’m really not sure how this can be described as cutting the legs out from everyone below Obsidian when I’m still pounding sand in Garnet.


There’s lots of math by ppl with more smarts and more time on their hands than I.

It’s up there :point_up_2:t2: