Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


Would it be possible to produce a comprehensive description of all spells affected by the scaling after all these changes? It’s very difficult to follow where we are with so many buffs nerfs and further adjustments.



Compare modified dps / 2 + base hp x 14% to your damage numbers now, that’s at least how sand was shown to work, modified attack originally.

That equation above equaling modified dps / 2 + base hp x buff x .14 x .68 solve for buff gets you needing a 47% boost to HP and your Crippling Chill is back to pre scale numbers. This matches Lee’s rough number of 50% above.


Comes out at around 1.9m. Still quite a bit less than 2.5m.

Yeah and 21% comes from orange research, any seasonal/atlas rider adds another 11-13 on its own. 15% health to return to original damage is kind of easy for those with gear. A level 1 legendary shield gives like 16.2% health or something. Or you could just use a 30% consumable. Consumable + research is 51%.

See why I’m not seeing the nerf?

I’ve done my math and a nerf doesn’t check out.


It was nerfed, the nerf just isn’t felt by most people because of boosts, research, etc. Why argue that point?


There is a difference between a nerf and a correction. Spell scaling is a correction to base hp spells in the baseline of it, not a nerf. Issues are present and need to be explained here, but “this is a nerf” is not an issue, it’s whining.


I may be a simple caveman lawyer, but it seems he was nerfed both absolutely and relatively. The base dragon’s power was reduced, and the buffed dragon’s power did not increase at the same rate as other dragons. I am not saying this was a bad thing, it might have been necessary, but if you were on the losing end of that equation, you wouldn’t be happy.


This is bull… and you all know it. Guess I’m elite to play now and that’s it…


I would not bother with additional discussion. Before the statement from Arylena I was lectured multiple times by posters that Pathox was nerfed, other drags were not, but I can rest assured something will be done to correct this. Now you are lectured that there was not even a nerf and accused of whining.
Discussion can only go downhill from here. Especially as the new adjustment will probably be final.
A discussion of Surt being OP, nerfed, etc. will pop up soon enough.


I’m definetly not going to drop it something needs to be done. Alot of people busted their butts to get pathox and its screwed up to spit in their faces like this.


Bullshit. You know damn well Pax was “corrected” above and beyond the spell scaling changes, after it was implemented. It was nerfed. Period.


Every one of these spells got custom rates as needed. Derisive Shriek and Flash Freeze are both worse than your Crippling Chill.


And… therefore Pax wasn’t nerfed? Logic fail. PG is bad enough at this without you trying convince people down is up and they’re just whiny. You’re not helping at all.


Agreed. For now, speak with your wallet. That’s something they understand.


The only language that is universal


I and many others have said that everything has its place, and Pathox’s place currently is 9.5% modified. Saying nerf just because they lowered 14% base to 9.5% modified and the % is lower? Base to modified is where it doesn’t become a nerf. It sets the lvl at where it should be with the ability to go higher without getting OP, gear is OP yes but that’s not the spell scaling discussion.
Have overall balance or OP maxed dragons, choose?


If I remember right someone up above posted that to be equal to pre scaling at emerald you needed 50% bonus from gear runes and what not. If that truly is the case how is it scaled properly at that level when adding the 30% boosts is supposed to be sufficient to get it back to pre scaling? I’m not bothering to go back and look I’m sure you will though bam.


False choice, as I don’t have Pax at Vanguard. Thanks for your opinion. Buh-bye now.


Just a few posts ago I said the exact break even is 47%. That’s 17% above the baseline scale adjustments. Being a season mythic I do hope that whomever has Pathox has another 13% above people that don’t have mythics.

This worked for most spells, but all in the pic of the list I just posted it wasn’t correct to do. Pathox’s error to 30% buff equals before was max stats created OP. So they set at 47% so max wasn’t OP and everything else was still viable.


But everything else isnt still viable not compared to top tier. Due to the hp ramp that has been spoken about its ridiculous at top tier and mediocre at best below that. Pathox’s hp needs to be more linear to make it correct. I will not stop screaming about it until it is corrected properly. None of your spamming this thread and nonsense will stop me from doing so. You might as well give up now.


It’s useless to provide feedback to PG and PG fanboys. They cherry pick feedback.

Just STOP spending.