Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


You’re forgetting to multiply that damage number by 1.2 for the mythic glyph.


If PG reduced spell damage by 30% and did the same to Pathox’s Crippling Chill by more than 30%, that’s a nerf. :sweat_smile:

It doesn’t matter if it was “only” a 32.5%. It doesn’t matter if you can get back that % and even more by adding boosts, gear and research. If you are under Obsidian, your Pathox was nerfed compared to others.

If PG reduced more than 30% to other spells, that’s a nerf too. But it follows that Pathox is the only seasonal mythic affected by this nerf, the other spells are from lineage dragons and old seasonal legendaries (Moonfang and Gladicus).

So, Pathox was nerfed. Plain and simple.


A Pathox below top tier walked top tier bases pre scaling?


You are making stuff up Bambam. Show us a video of Harbinger Pathox VS top base. Include defenders when you can.


It’s a question I’m asking y’all as that seems to be his comparison.


STOP QUOTING OUT OF CONEXT! That’s not what I meant and you know it…well maybe you dont but others do :roll_eyes:. Let me say it again due to the hp ramp on pathox anything below end tier got nerfed because vanguard pathox is op. I will agree it needed stepped down at vanguard tier but due to it getting stepped down it made anything below that significantly weaker than it should have been.


I don’t know Pathox so have to ask, because as you said it that’s what it seemed.

And also before when you said it, yes this has been talked about above. If this is your issue then stop saying he’s been nerfed in regards to spell scaling and make another thread about fixing his HP.


Just asking.
Any changes to Seething Spark (boost) and Battle Cry derivatives as well?
Provided that both are attack based too.


@OrcaFrost happy :cake: day


These spells only exist on current end tier dragons, and thus are being tuned post-scaling based on their effects at that level. Crippling Chill exists aaaaaaaaalllllllllll the way down at orange tier. That means the changes affect a much broader scope of players across many, many more progression points, yet it’s still being tuned based on the spell’s effects in one tier: Vanguard.

The cost to get Pathox was the same for everyone, but due to the scaling of his HP through tiers his value has decreased significantly in most of them.

For the record, the scaling doesn’t affect me much; my Pathox is currently Obsidian, I have most of my research done, and I have +60/+60 from Atlas gear. It doesn’t change the fact that the way changes were implemented is haphazard, not comprehensive, and shady— especially considering I’m sure they had been working on spell scaling long before Pathox was released and so should have accounted for it in his design (as should all dragons moving forward… ref: Surt :exploding_head:).


But compared to vanguard he has been nerfed. As I said before I’m not going away. His hp has to do with his spell scaling so it’s still a valid point here. Why have multiple threads all about the same thing?


His damage is based off his HP, but spell scaling as in the change of spell base to modified is not dependent on HP which is what you’re just now seeing as a problem. It was a problem before scaling but not highly noticed so no one cared to complain enough. HP issue is not spell scaling issue so needs a thread to have it explained about. Spell scaling did bring it to light, but it’s a separate issue.


As with anything it’s not cut and dry.

On the surface it’s 14% changed down to 9.5% which exceeds a 30% nerf. However this particular problem has two factors not being considered. 1) glyphs and runes for the spell 2) freeze spells include main attack damage.

I haven’t had time to factor the freeze spell component in to see actual vs calculated, but before we knew this the spell was doing about a straight 17% of modified hp when using a 20% mythic glyph which should have added up to 29.5% (9.5% + 20%) and the reason for this is that it’s using damage that’s based on modified attack, and the combination makes less damage than the flat nerf of 30%… 9.5% isn’t nearly as bad as 8% was… but it’s definitey a nerf

So it’s complicated. But a single 30% boost isn’t bringing you back into positive territory.

Some people (larger buffs) make out well but some people do not. Generally speaking the Hp bump that starts after obsidian is significant and if you are below obsidian it’s going to feel weaker.


AP/HP are the fundamental cornerstones upon which spell effects are based. They should be discussed in the same thread so the information is centralized. They’re intertwined. No need for a separate thread.


My pathox has around 55% gear boost and its a huge buff.

All they need to do is correct his hp scaling curve


Yeah. This for sure.

I graphed it out and the tail end switches to a steep linear (appearing) increase. You have to zoom in to see how significant it is compared to where a best fit curve would have been.

I really hope they do fix the hp


Okay, I showed my numbers. I did my research. My Pathox is much stronger than it previously was. How is that a nerf? Explain why

This also doesn’t add up .-. No other glyph in the game works like that. I just calculated current theoretical damage for me assuming this is true. My level 22 Garnet Pathox ends up at like 5.7m crippling chill damage. My defensive gear iant phenomenal but with all boosts considered, I run around 210-220% total health. My Pathox would be able to take out my level 44 Dark Flak in one chill, probably after a defense shield as well. Definitely through a shield with death’s door.

It also means I’m doing around 40% of the damage that I should be doing which is way too large an error to consider possible, especially since I shouldn’t be clearing towers of similar level in one chill.


This is the issue. I hope they will address it.


(An issue that they created all by themselves by ridiculously putting most of his strength at the final stages)


PG said they were decreasing the power of base pathox. What is there for me to show? That is the absolute nerf. PG also said they were not scaling Path’s power in the same increments they are scaling the power of other dragons. This is what I was referring to as the relative nerf.

PG expressly said this. Expressly.

I think it’s great that your path is more powerful . . . With your rider and gear and research and bonuses. Doesn’t change the fact that other people without the same buffs are feeling the impact.

I can’t show you my numbers, because mine is vanguard with elite and legendary gear.