Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


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On topic…
Is Light Speed variant based on base AP previously?


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I don’t think the BBCODE reference I read mentioned double tilde


bbcode cannot do certain task like this

on topic…
(feels awkward to ask different person about the same question)


If you were asking me, I have no idea. I only used light speed for the amount of runs it took to get lumina to breedable, and havent touched the spell or dragon since.



That was a long time mystery to me until they explained freeze spells used 1 regular attack. Likely just a detail I missed when tired as it makes sense. I just like to check things backwards and forwards, as consistency usually means it’s right and inconsistencies often reveal mistakes or new understanding.

I think it’s confirmed. But if anyone has before numbers I’ll run them for an audit point


My before numbers (very rough mind you) are pretty close to the calculations I’ve run, but more data never hurts. Problem is I doubt anyone really has solid before numbers.


There is literally no way to know without asking.
The spell files do not list how damage is applied, that seems to be within the actual spell code, and the new spell was in the code before the spell scaling was done.

That being said, I can’t see why they would bother to develop a new spell for unmodified code, and the damage part of spell code likely isn’t unique to each variant beyond the parameters in the spell file, and lightspeed is listed as using modified with standard 30% nerf. So I’d bet money it does use modified already.


Someone likely has a screen recording and has unchanged buffs or knows what they were before. But it’s not that important.


Does it matter what dragon your looking for if it doesnt matter or if pathox will do I’ll dig through some old videos and see what I can find.

Edit–just looked and dont have any after last atlas gear event but before scaling happened.


I’ve noticed that PG tends to use different language when describing spell effects. Berserk, Autumns Reap, and Rampage all specifically state the damage is increased. Not the attack. They all coincidentally worked off modified DPS while all other spells that increase attack worked off base attack such as Chaos. I believe if the spell specifically says damage is increased, it’s modified. Just my theory.


Anything with crippling chill, which is only pathox.


It might not be for all html stuff, but it works on these forums anyway. I’d have to pull out my copy of dreamweaver and see what’s what.


That makes me want to have the html apply a sarcasm font to the text :rofl: Pity we don’t have a sarcasm font :cry:


Ya’ll getting your :nerd_face: on. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


It is fair to say Pathox got somewhat of a buff.

If you are vanguard he is stronger
If you aren’t vanguard his potential and thus longevity increased
If you are a very low tier, you have to put in about 1 month of e2p effort to get him stronger than was possible pre scaling
If you are in the unfortunate position of having had great gear and late harb/early obs then he will be weaker till you are vanguard and then he will be more powerful than he would have been pre scaling

All-and-all saying he was “nerfed” is stretching it a bit too far.

Solution: adjust hp curve for tiers below vanguard


Which probably should have been done before PG even did spell scaling, considering the biggest jump in his stats come in the last 5 levels… that doesn’t make him feel very “mythic” to those of us pesants who haven’t dropped the cash (or been around for very long time) to be at end tier.


Now if only (hypothetically speaking) there was a whole gpf thread on just that…


Might be the hp curve exists to compensate for a lack of spell scaling at the time?

They need to fix it. I think they highly resist touching past season stuff but fixing the root of issues rather than putting band-aid on it is exactly the thing they need to start doing if they are serious about any real balance in the game.


Light Speed is on the list to be effected though so if it was modified stats before scaling it’s in same class as War Cry and needs reverting.

As for Crippling Chill

For both of these there might be some YouTube videos out there to get data from