Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


I mean before scaling. And it’s damage penalty, not the explosion damage.


Yes that data could possibly be found out through pre scale date videos of a dragon(s) using the spell.

  1. Nerfing seasonal mythic after their release
  2. Why path needed to be nerfed compared to other dragons
  3. Whether the spell scaling implementation should be based on optional consumables (at all tiers)


Woah, 1132 is a little too much to read… would you kindly sum up, again if you have done that already, how badly nerfed is pathox in terms of use? Five shots to kill towers became six or seven shots to kill?

Been gone for a little, trying to get back but if my recent investment became trash… :x:

Edit: nvm. Read them all.


:rofl: nice, is your conclusion satisfactory?


No what I was trying to convey is that making the warrior and sorc classes stronger to mimic the strength of a really good hunter flyer is not a good direction. It essentially is giving the same capability to someone that can hold a finger on the screen as someone that works their butts off to get timing, shot placement, spell usage, and studies base layout with a hunter. Hunters at 5b and warriors at 5b are the same strength the difference is the flyer and the skill required. The majority of players use warriors or sorcs because hunters are “too hard to fly” … AKA require greater level of skill and attention to detail. Essentially this scaling has in effect rewarded low skill and minimal work and in some cases punished the skilled fliers that took the time to learn hunters. My example still stands its essentially like paying and playing the 3rd string QB the same as Tom Brady.


In essence a warrior and a hunter at the same power level all things considered in the hands of someone that cannot fly a hunter are equal. A flyer that has practiced and gone through considerable trouble to learn how to use that hunter will be able to do much higher level bases with the hunter than will be possible with the warrior. Trying to “fix” this mechanic is essentially throwing the skill needed to fly a hunter out the window.



You see it this way? From my understanding it’s more like the scaling I presented earlier H:8 S:6 W:4 without flying skill impacts. Yes it’s easier to fly a warrior, but even with a mild flyer I see it this way?


No without practice and some level of skill hunters are not going to be as doable on same level as warrior. I have a few friends that just cant fly hunters. They can take a base with a warrior but give them a same powered hunter and poof… dead… Keep in mind the HP difference. Hunters will not take flaks to the face and live…


At least not without some spell to block it (love you Necryx :kissing_heart:) But yeah, someone who’s never flown before would die very quickly if they tried flying a higher tier hunter against a base that’s of an equal level for the hunter. They’d probably manage to survive with a warrior. A sorcerer might be iffy. It would depend on the sorcerer in question.


Alrighty then, this is the first time I’ve seen talk of classes being equal in any right before. Probably the reason I was confused to what you were saying.


Mine is expert… not the best gear (all legendary or elite just not lvled)
He used to be able to walk through 1.5b base without thinking, solo a 4b base with defender, solo 9b base without defender, and now struggles with 1.5b base
I would most defently call it a nerf


There is no way a pathox that can take a 9b base is at a net nerf. You should put a support ticket in. Maybe reinstall. Nothing the changes did should have caused this. It’s a bug if not a massive exaggeration.

What is your rider and gear showing?


4.7b attack, I believe
I’ll try reinstalling


The change in Pathox worries me a lot, and makes me re-thinking whether or not to go for Surt.


They have a history of nerfing mythics


Don’t fall for it. You’ll just wind up disappointed and annoyed for having spent the time and/or money.


There is a very strong possibility Surt will be nerfed soon. PG has said they are looking at him


It’s not nerfed.

It’s not nerfed and even so, it was causing adverse effects at endgame. Don’t be dense.

Why should a dragon without consumables be as strong as one with consumables?


He means what is your dragons health and dps? Or what are your total boosts? Like 30% consumables, 13% rider, etc.