Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


Idk what it was before I reinstalled…
But I shouldnt have mattered when you fly you can tell the strength of the dragon, when numbers on the screen can just be there to please the stupid (hey look this number is higher than Before it must be stronger, flys on same base after change gets smacked)

As stated in my response to gox the deference seen is based on bases before and after the changed, bases didn’t change

sorry for miss spelling/auto correct if any, to lazy to go back and change


Umm, now you’re just talking out of both sides of your mouth:

“Yes, all butt naked dragons have been nerfed.”

Can’t tell if you’re serious or having a bit of sport - if sport, very well done.:grin::clap:


Mines expert and has only 55% gear. All his spells do significantly more damage (55% gear, rider boost, consumables)

I would say you are mistaking in his dmg params - he is literally doing about 30% more. Its visibly easier.

I can tell you that he doesnt struggle at all post changes with a 2b base and mines slightly weaker than yours. I used him to lvl the new atlas rider so at around 4b and easily soloed many 1.5-2b bases with 2-3 defs.

As for bases - a lot of bases have changed. Quite a few are now harder due to new seasonal gear


Maybe my reinstalling the app will fix it then


He’s been nerfed relative to other dragons. When scaling originally came out, all dragons that were affected had the “you’ll have to add a 30% boost to get back to original level” thing done to them (including Pathox). But then Pathox alone was “adjusted down” significantly because he was doing too much damage on the top tier. After some screaming by the players, he was adjusted back up some, but not back up to where all the other dragons are. So he is still “nerfed” compared to other dragons. That’s what people are upset about. It’s not right- especially for a mythic dragon that people saved for.


I’m not sure why some people just don’t get it. It’s not just a question of if it’s better or not with maxed gear and boosts and runes (though some people forget not everyone has Atlas)… it’s a matter of value too. It feels like a bait a switch when you paid 3 times more for a dragon that got relatively weaker compared with other affected dragons…especially one we JUST got, and where the problem to be fixed had nothing to do with our level. It’s not that hard to understand.


As is other spells in the bottom chart.

The goal is to reach balance, let’s just say 5 is balance. Most spells fit in the same category of 30% boost equals before to hit the balance of 5. A few spells did not hit a balance of 5 with the same adjustments as the rest, some hit a balance of 3 so we’re custom modified with a buff to hit a balance of 5. Other spells, like CC of Pathox but it’s not the only one, if left with same adjustments of the group had a balance of 7. In this case an extra nerf is needed to make spell balance out at 5.

Pathox is still a wickedly powerful dragon, but should not be out of balance with everything just to satisfy your desire of having an OP dragon.


Why are you defending PG’s shady bait and switch? Do you own a Pathox?


Just another self inflicted wound on PG’s part and it leaves the door open for all of the venom, negative posts, and suggestions that Surt is next. At one point I thought that maybe PG was just inept and with some help they could do better. Why was Earth Flak released right after Fort? Not because they didn’t know or couldn’t manage their release schedule, but because of pure greed. Doing so was best for the company. Their long long history of things like this lead to the Player Happiness thread and look at all of the things done since. Bounty Harbor, daily offers that are worse than the standard offers. A/B packs continue to this day. Posting on the forums is a waste of time and effort. The abuse will continue because there are enough folks still spending. The new tier will drive massive spending and all of this will be swept under the rug as ancient history.


The problem is twofold:

First, mythic divines are meant to be overpowered.

If “balance” is a 5, that’s about where a legendary divine should be, and a mythic is more like a 6. They’re meant to be more “Oh $@#&!” than “Yep, that’s a dragon all right.”

Second, the power level of the dragons is highly dependent on level and - thanks to the stupid spell scaling - gear/runes/etc.

Which meant that while the people at the very top experienced Pathox jumping to a 7 or 8, most players…didn’t. And then PG decided to apply an across-the-board-nerf to the dragon itself, rather than to the mechanics that were causing a problem (i.e. gear). This had the signal effect of making the players at the very top STILL get a boost, just not as big of one - say, to 6.5 - but ALSO meaning that those not at the top got no boost, or even a noticeable nerf.

Basically, people are pissed because rather than fixing a problem with the stupid design of spell scaling, PG decided to nerf a dragon that people worked hard/spent heavily to get. Which didn’t properly resolve the power issues at the top tier, did cause Pathox to get weaker relative to other dragons, AND, for some, to also get weaker relative to bases.


Which is a long way of saying that PG simply does NOT care if the players are happy with their Pathox or not. It does NOT factor into their decisions and they will NOT put in the effort to fix it for the vast majority of players because it generates NO new revenue. Can’t work on things that don’t contribute to the quarterly profit metric. Players be damned.


There is a difference now since redownloading the game…
a little interesting


No dragon should be OP ever, levels of strong yes, I said he’s still wickedly powerful ya? This is saying it should be stronger than most, but a balance is that way.

You forgot also base hp curve, and it is agreed by many these are issues with more than Pathox. These issues will take time though so push for these, but until then the current level is correct so not OP but not weak, for all.


I suppose it depends on your definition. I was using the scale you hypothesized in your previous post to indicate that a mythic divine is, again, meant to be more powerful than normal.

The “balance” is aimed roughly at legendary divines, since these are by far the most widely used dragons. Mythic divines are intended to be more powerful than legendary divines, and so the mythic divines should be “overpowered” relative to that balance.

Basically, Pathox may still be powerful, but for many people he is less powerful than he was before spell scaling - and before spell scaling, he wasn’t too powerful for the game. And because of the way scaling interacts with things like gear, for others, he is still significantly more powerful than he was before spell scaling.

So if he was a 6 - and balanced at a 6 - he’s now a 5.5 for some, and a 6.5 for others. Hence the issues.


This and the rest we can agree on, but can we not push for fixing the bigger issues that caused it and chill out about the spell scaling in itself? Those will take time so you’ll also have to be patient.


Can dragon be underpowered? If all dragons are equally powerful, what is the point of legendary vs mythic?

Don’t forget players work harder and pay more to get these mythic dragons.


I would say that severity, immediacy, and ease of resolution are key components in determining priority. The underlying issues may be more severe, but they are not as immediate a concern, or as easily resolved.

Or to put it another way, if you have a patient with a broken arm and cancer, you fix the broken arm before spending too much time on potential cancer treatments.


This is exactly what they did with this


We already went over levels of power is balance, common - rare - epic - legendary - mythic with divines having a slight edge over their lineage equals.


Not true. Itzani is better than Pathox. Noctua is better than Mafic. This game is not balanced in many ways. PG needs to fix the underlying imbalance before pushing out spell scaling.

PG also needs to stop bait and switch. Surt has a tag “ soon to be nerfed” with it because of this shady practice.


I dont know many times people have to say this but the only place he was out of balance was vanguard so everyone else suffers so that top tier with maxed gear can be in balance.