Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


Been there, done that. Agree with both of you.
A balanced healthy ecosystem is more profitable long term (or should be) but short term gains drive everything nowadays.


In one response you say this:

And then you say that:

My point was that PG cares about the bottom line more than it cares about balance, fair treatment of it’s player base or anything else. There may be smart engineers, but they are not the ones making decisions. There may be a player factions but their suggestions will not overrule financial prerogatives.

You can go on defending PG all you like, but I do think PG knows exactly what they are doing and the bottom line is greed. The goal to keep the money rolling in is pretty much sufficient to explain what is going on.


I don’t think anyone is defending PG just sharing arguments here, or you’d be surprised how argumentative we can be about most of their choices concerning the game…


The two things I said are not in conflict. PG is a company, not a single individual. They have made choices that conflict with their bottom line before. I doubt you will see that happen offen, but it’s not black and white, and never will be.

Engineers make engineering decisions. Maybe you missing the point of my message entirely. Have you never worked a job as an adult where you were told to do something you felt strongly against?

I don’t think you do know or you wouldn’t keep talking about a company like an individual.

If they don’t make money the whole thing goes away including employees and the game itself. It’s a business, not a charity. You would be unreasonable to expect a company to exist for free.

Spell scaling was not done to make money. It has no components to suggest that. Spell scaling probably costs them a good deal due to it being a base nerf. It definitely cost a lot of time but makes no needed improvement to the top of the game where big spending happens in great concentration. Maxed Gear was already sold to those folks, you aren’t sellinf new gear.

Be bitter all you want but in regards to spell scaling you aren’t making any sense to say it’s all for profit.


I take issue with this. I’d reword this to say that spell scaling is an investment. In the future new spells will be easier to balance. It also increases the relative contribution of riders to the game, making their use more necessary in order to stay competitive. And the best riders are most certainly a source of revenue.


If they don’t do spell scaling the only difference is player experience below the top tier deteriorates more without and it becomes harder to balance newer dragons for tiers other than their max.

It’s really not going to make pg any money. If they wanted to make money they would have done spell scaling before releasing riders.

It’s true it makes life a little easier for them. But it doesn’t really make new dragons easier to balance so much as it makes new dragons possible to balance with tiers beyond their highest few. (Which they could have just gone on letting the lower tiers be unbalanced)

They could quite easily have kept doing it the same way and made sure it always works out for the top tier and who cares about other tiers.

This is not true. The max defenses were calibrated to the max offense. It doesn’t change anything about a base defense but makes dragons with riders more powerful, so basically terrible fliers can do better. But anyone else is basically doing more with less, making offensive less needed and defensive more needed. It’s not really significant in regards of needing more to stay competitive. It nerfs bases. Maybe it’s used to sell 85 towers coming up soon, but I think surt does that all by itself.

I think it makes offensive riders feel more rewarding but does not make it any more necessary in the slightest.

So I guess I agree to disagree.

Like I said none of spell scaling helps them sell more. Everyone who has maxed riders already has maxed riders. Maybe it sells new towers but honestly it may just as well have the opposite impact causing defense to have zero confidence.

Yeah but the majority of the income comes from folks who are already maxed and are still maxed. It doesn’t sell them more.


Spell scaling means you need riders and gear to run you dragon at maximum strength. Both Atlas gear and legendary gear need lots of ressources to level. You can get those by grinding but you will be hard pressed if you want to max a full set.

It also means that fully geared dragons can more easily attack above their base level thus creating extra pressure to grow your base. Either with gear for defensive dragons on high level perches or better towers.

Spending helps with that, i.e. revenue for PG.

Actually I am not bitter even if it may sound that way. I am more afraid for the game because the constant changes mean that despite the introduction of catchup mechanisms the game is even more dependant on investment. And not just to catch up, just so you don’t fall behind.


The top part is how the game already was and didn’t change. Atlas and gear were already a major part of the games necessities. That said you could and still can play without Atlas and gear in seasons gives acceptable amount.

What catch up mechanics have you seen?


False. This was true before so it doesn’t really change that. You can’t call that the cause of needing gear, the need pre-existed and it reduces the amount of gear needed comparatively to base gear. Tell me one aspect of spell scaling that makes you need gear where you didn’t before?

Yes but theoretically you were limited either by max gear or max you can afford already. It was/is not cheap to level gear. That doesn’t change. And supposedly the lesser gear needed on offensive makes up for the increase gear needed on defensive. (When not maxed)

It did before too. This is a false narrative.

This is just my opinion, but nobody should view anything in a mobile game as an investment. There is gray area that you can argue, but at the end of the day your progress can be gone for no reason, with no legal rights.

It’s absolutely imperative that games change with the players. I would agree we tend to be a little more liberal than I think is healthiest for the game, but that shouldn’t surprise you as that’s been constant since day one that I started playing and isn’t unique to this game.

PG listens and has dialogues with players far more than any other mature mobile game I’ve played. And virtually all things they tell us are used against them as a weapon. I’m not saying they are innocent, but I can see both sides.

At the end of the day it’s a game. You should have fun with a game. If you spend money you should get what you feel is value for your spending or else you shouldn’t be spending. It’s all our own personal choices. I do think the game would be better if the base of the pyramid was given more attention and if customers were treated more like a casino guest rather than motel guest…


Reduced cost for the sapphire wall comes to mind, as well as the reduced timer costs for tower levels up to 56. That was helpful.


Pretty much bored with your long winded arguing of the same point. I accept you disagree with me and that’s just fine. I find your last point important though and I agree with it wholeheartedly.

Good flying.


As I’m not allowed to quote myself check out the Progression Improvements thread, basically it’s you don’t see this as merely as a fix to the wall, a problem? Problem to fix to correct progression. Nothing about this says faster progression ie catch up mechanic to me.

This one isn’t jogging my memory, can you please remind me? You talking about the higher timers in forge?


You are right, it is fixing the wall. And allows faster progression through sapphire. It helped me progress to obsidian faster, hence I called it a catch up mechanic.

In the OP by Arylena in the Progression Rate Thread is a section on Towers and Build time. It adresses reduced timer and rss cost for towers from 41 to 55. The higher timers in the forge are not helping much, they are not available a lot and take forever to forge.


Is it faster than where it should have been from the start though? We see a change yes, so it’s faster for us then the ones before yes. Racing example as catch up mechanics predominantly in them, all cars go 100 mph the whole race, but then after a while the track is mud so very hard to keep 100 mph so most drop to 60 mph. They finally pave the bad road like it should have been all along. All cars are still only going 100 again. New cars can’t catch cars that have been racing already, yes?

Ah, see it now. Don’t know to much on that issue besides higher towers xp given per lvl upgraded stops, which is wrong. Could this change also follow along the same lines as example above?


Interesting assassment, in a way you are right. Those were the days when super attacks in pvp cost 16 energy (or did we have 20 free energy, can’t remember). There was the 100% point bonus build up on some pvp, replaced by the lame free attack once you reached 80 flames. Rubies from events were many times what you currently get, many more examples from older players might come up. On the other hand eggs needed for green research has been halfed, which was nice.
But you are right, the track has become muddied and I doubt current players are going at the same speed as was posiible early on.
Disclaimer: I can’t drive. So car metaphors are lost on me.


Lol well you actually missed my point I think and came up with a different point with those changes slowed progression for all, interesting.


Ouch… never read the details… q.q

Thanks for the info.

Edit: Any changes to self destruction? XP it may need the changes to its number to at least 10000% as we already have “that” spell with the same number and as this one can only be used once for any dragons. XD


Still waiting on a pathox rebalance…


Dont hold your breath. They pretty much said he’s going to stay where hes at.



sorry! :hugs: