Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


Words were chosen carefully and correctly :sunglasses:


So we have a warrior with timeshift and shield and freeze
And elemental resist
And health/rage regen
And…it must be boosted :woman_facepalming:t2::rofl::rofl::rofl:
Poor Hau must be spinning around in her tomb.
And lots of ppl who loved this hunter’s spell
Why PG? Just Why?


Omg! I had a PeeWee Herman thought :flushed:

Someone quick, poke out my eyes!!! :sob::sob::sob:


Wrong thread, lol, and it’s not time shift.


Well,it works alike
They get inspired and let Pathox and new Warrior share timeshift spell,lol
One get ability to cast spells and another to change location


Why? I don’t think this is necessary. At all. Please fix the chasm in xp, levelling, maybe fix the glitches, maybe identify all the cheats and start rightfully banning people, fix banners and fix atlas ‘failed to add waypoint’. For pity sake leave spells alone.


@PGCrisis due to this update, you’ll create even more gap between team with Atlas and without.

Since there are (can’t say a few, but not majority either) Gold teams with Atlas access, it will prevent the advance of teams without.

Due to this reason, please consider to expand the access to more gold teams.


Seems bad.


The thing is that it isn’t really feasible, in my opinion, to make non atlas teams compete with atlas teams and also further the gap between them. Before we got atlas we ended up warring against some atlas teams who got it in the “lottery” and the difference, even back then, was huge.


Since Atlas access isn’t pay to get (not everyone is able to), literally not every player can use this feature.

The only solutions I can think of is

  • give access to all affected teams
  • split the game entirely between atlas team and non atlas team

And the first seems better, so…


Omg,I can’t quote it for some reason but yes!!!
I want to live in old WD times before everyone got Atlas :scream:


The solution is simple ,bring armor and crafting materials to the core game,otherwise the power gap is gonna become so wide,non-atlas players will be quiting at a exponential rate.


Yes,but how ppl gonna earn them?
Majority of ppl actually playing Atlas only because of gear (and speedups and tokens,if your team is hight enough)
So it definitely an amazing deal
But I guess PG won’t do it,because then lots of ppl will stop playing Atlas at all


Same way they earn them now,chests,quests etc. Either merge the game into one or bring the materials to the core game.


Gold teams shouldn’t have Atlas unless/until appropriate room can be made and mechanics smoothed out.

Platinum teams have it hard enough trying to compete with bigger teams, and it’s further encouraging sandbagging.

In the interim, either core game mechanics should be introduced (better seasonal gear, daily benefits, max xp bases, etc) or Gold should be given a timeframe to move up to platinum or lose Atlas.


I like that the spell balance is being looked at, and I especially like that pg is starting the dialogue way sooner than usual. There are plenty of details that can go askew with this but the long lead in and early gpf involvement gives me hope that this will work out pretty well.


Eternal optimist?:grin::grin::grin:


Then this update shouldn’t be executed before, or this will create huge gap.
Or disable gear stats when facing players from non atlas.


Problem is introducing crafting/materials into core game doesn’t close the gap b/c Atlas players will have access to them as well. Throws the entire Atlas economy out of whack.

Seasonal gear needs to be what they promised it would be months ago: similar in power to Atlas gear.

Agreed. Luckily this is still early phase and hopefully better Atlas mechanics will be implemented alongside spell scaling.

And timer wall.

And xp wall.

And security.





I’m earning majority from poachers runs
It’s not a good idea because then there will be no difference between teams which haven’t had all elements types castles,teams with different infra and teams with lvl 2 or lvl 5 castles
Basically,now I’m getting 13k from first hits
And if we will bring shards like other game itemas for everyone,I’ll need to pay for items,which I’m getting for free rn.

I like idea with bringing gold teams in atlas more
Maybe they can have separated closed zone in atlas for a few months to Learn mechanics and know how everything works
Advantage of atlas will let them grow up faster and reach plat faster