Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


More like waiting on game rebalance for that

I’m still wanting some word on War Cry shouldn’t have been touched as already off modified.


I’ve seen their responses from a while ago and no I wont hold my breath but I am going to hold my money and I’m going to keep bringing it up until it’s fixed. It’s a bunch of bull that everything in the game is balanced specifically for end game and anyone not there can take a flying leap.


Stop complain about one of the most Over Powered dragon in game ( :eyes: Pathox :eyes: )


Your joking right?


Probably not - Pathox is still pretty unstoppable for bases with towers capped in the 40s. Haven’t seen a Surt yet down here, though, either pre-nerf or post-nerf.


Level 40s towers are where balance ends, balance returns around level 65. Also pathox is not OP, he is good but doesn’t have +tier capability really past garnet imo. He lacks a little damage output. It’s the primary reason I didn’t go for him


Disagree. Post-spell scaling he’s more effective in obs+ tiers. I can usually hit a tier up successfully unless the base is tuned past my rider or double defended (which is as it should be imo).


Sorry to hear that. Our team is in Plat 3, best base has 54s. Most in the 40s. Stops on Pathox are rare.

Sorry to hear that too. Sounds like no relief in sight.


My towers are lvl 47 currently and can stop most emerald pathox’s except those very over geared. My base has an iceflak darkflak combo and +70hp +70atk. Nothing amazing it’s all about base setup and how its defended. Iceflak prevents pathox from chiling and setting up its damage markers then going into spectral and everything has too much health for ithem to just spectral and spamming chill.


I’m hitting 51/52 on kill island easily with Pathox (Emerald), not great gear. 100% of my Atlas GP came from him…
I guess is about gear. Can make a huge difference


I’m doing the same with my pathox @ max emerald but then again gear is also in the 70’s for both attack and defense and his attack power is somewhere in the mid 500m range boosted.


51s2s are pretty easy for Emmy Gunnar with beginner legendary gear


On some bases yes but those are typically with less flaks and shields


Yes, I forgot to include specifically tuned against Pathox. I assumed that was a given.


Lol admittedly I forgot we were talking about pathox :sweat_smile: yea he can be effective but I just think he typically lacks hitting power


But you don’t have him…


Already stated that but it’s my observation by watching him fly. Takes a well geared Emmy pathox to clear my base when I defend it, Or an ok geared with a good flyer. I have 3 flaks… DF, elec F, and FF on a Long Island. DF is 52 with EF 49 and FF 51 I think


So with max gear i can be a dum dum right? :slight_smile:


Lol probably, maybe if I had an extra defender it’d help me :man_shrugging:t2::sweat_smile:


My max obs well geared pathox has problems with 65s and sometimes 60s if they’re well geared. Feels pretty balanced to me. :man_shrugging: