Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


I sent a poorly geared Emerald Pathox over to test this statement. Sadly, no one defended :frowning:
Of course, with no defense, cruised.


Maybe try again later? :laughing:

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Guess it depends who’s piloting. I cloak as soon as flaks recognize Pathox so I dodge the supershots completely. Against a posh right wanker, you’d probably shoot the Pathox down. Someone with half a brain, not so much. We can test if you like. Am curious.


Yeah I’m down for it. Maybe the people that have hit me with pathox just cant fly him who knows. Shoot me a message in game (the 0 in my name are zeroes) and we will set something up. Mind you I’ve upgraded a few of my towers some so not quite as I stated above.


Before Spellscaling, GhostFireBlast is 15%
After Spellscaling, GhostFireBlast is 11.5% (11.5% x 130% = 14.95%)
If you count Research, Rider, and Gear, current GhostFireBlast is stronger than previous one. How can you say that it becomes useless?


@PGMichael @PGPulse since they at the top of the thread and @PGLawson since you’re spells

War Cry was effected incorrectly.
Was 10% of modified damage pre change (modified in equation before change).
Now it is 7.9999999999% of modified damage post change.

Y’all reverted a few spells that had this issue already, but have still left out War Cry.

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