Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


Just having atlas is enough (event, season, nz)
I can have moderate gear set for my dragons just from an atlas-relaxed team
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Imagine all gold teams chilling in NZ. Hundreds of thousands of extra players. Thousands of extra prims.

Now imagine one of them tries to move somewhere…

EDIT: math


There is no atlas economy :rofl::joy::joy::rofl::rofl:. Unless you’re talking about the crap shards from poachers. It’s a closed system with no outside influence.


Welcome back?


Why would you need to pay for it ,if it came to the main game? I get all my shards from events because 2k from poachers ain’t worth my time.


Plat teams should compete with bigger teams at all
This is the biggest mistake
They are not compete in main game,wars,events etc
If plat team sitting and growing troops count without killing ppl at NML and not helping one D team against another,there is a very little chance that they will have troubles
I remember someone really piss me off from low league,but they put 1m guards and glory was awful
So even being pissed we haven’t touched them at all
Same with my ex sapphire team
When everyone been trying to conquer lands,hit ppl everywhere,waste troops… we have a very strict rules about troops building/monthly,ability to kill own troops,etc etc.
we went for the first castle takover 1 month after getting atlas.having enough troops to get it and defend it without alliance
And we owned ones of the best fortified castles in our tier,having no support at all
Because we counted each troop and never joined any strange parties)
Ppl rushing too much those days. Spending Troops for personal benefits.and then complaining,that they can’t defend the castle
If gold teams will be able to get some riders and shards and GP.sitting in neutral zone,it will be already very helpful


Atlas chests, diamonds, and yes shards. If you put enough shards in chests to make it worth gold teams spending (diamonds or rubies?) on, how much will it affect Atlas events? How much will it close the gap?


You just said chests
So it’s more likely it must be a huge number of shards (same as I getting from my poachers now ) for everyone (which is not fair advantage)
Or I’ll be getting less shards from chests,then I’m getting from poachers,which also makes no sense
Plus atlas stuff must be added to normal drop (?) which will take extra space in list of possible items and my chances to get needed core game items would be lesser

I’m sure I haven’t get whole thing at all,so there is a lot of questions :see_no_evil:


White Lightning Sage, going back in the Roster!!


Ok,all effort for getting hight lvl infra and castles must be destroyed and everyone will get same stuff?:eyes:


What? No.

Was that reply meant for me?

Edit: for clarity, my biggest concern with adding Gold to Atlas at present is there will be little/no land available. That means 2,999 teams all in NZ. 149,950 new players. Compare to the 1175 teams/58,750 players currently on the map, and all the performance issues when too many ppl try to go to the same spot. How would any of us compete?

Edit 2: Oh yeah! As many as 3 prims per player. Yay math.


Increasing items in chests doesn’t mean everything else has to be less. Instead of one item dropping from chests increase it. In their other game multiple items drop from one chest.


We prefer “notorious.”

I feel that the person you are addressing would find it exceptionally difficult to attack a Dreadnought base.



I have Atlas. Player x does not. I get shards for crafting from Atlas elite/poachers, Atlas events, and Atlas chests. Player x does not.

Now add shard drops to gold chests. Player x now gets access to crafting shards, but so do I. Gap remains unchanged.

The concern is not invalid, but the proposed solution won’t actually fix anything. We have to come up with a better one.


FTFY because of current circumstances


I would never agree to be on a team with such an outrageous restriction.

I otherwise agree with your points.


Hey,let’s make a party and go to dungeon :tada::woman_shrugging:t2:
Always have another game with fun actions :smiling_imp::joy_cat:


Been waiting all day to be invited to a dungeon, so kind of you to ask :grinning:. Давай!


I think spells like chain lightning and dreadful/terrible roar need scaling up on higher levels…
Agree with the consensus of not touching deathgaze or umbral spike :grin:


The percentage appears decreased, but it’s based off a the modified number not the base number