Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


So we have officially gone to no child left behind.

I’m having a hard time seeing how building towers or defense riders is worth doing anymore if you plan to make offense win for the “average” player vs a defended base.

The problem wasn’t that bases were too hard, the problem was that they were too expensive. That the gaps between tiers are too great. This will only make the game worse.

I really hope you (PG) have some well balanced reveal for a reasonable cost that you plan to release after this. Because I can’t see how the game remains fun without a challenge


This right here! :point_up:


Rebranding to Faceroll Dragons?


I took that into account, it’s already based on modified stats


So let’s forget about the end game players for one second. I consider myself a mid game player and can solo a good majority of bases around my lvl even triple defended. My base undefended can be soloed by players a tier below me undefended but die quickly when defending (unless they are exceptional flyers). I am not seeing how boosting dragons is going to solve the balance issue this game has. Is it bc everyone expects to 5 flame every base 50 lvls above themselves? What is so wrong with getting 4 or 3 flames? Wars shouldn’t come out to 250 v 250 and the winner is the one with the most defense points. Wars should be a knock down drag out war!


Sooo…this has the potential to cause more threads to pop up where high lvl big spenders complain about lower levels burning their base? (Such as the beloved "Time to Nerf Hau thread.)

I think I look forward to this more than any beneficial damage scaling to my dragons. :joy:


That thread was so fun :rofl:


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Ok, I’ve thought this over some and I’ve come to a few conclusions:

  1. You’re changing a very small part of the problem. Scaling some spells doesn’t change the fact that you have several versions of the exact same spell. Stop it already! Your first solution should be to stop putting a new name on an old spell “for balance sake” so we can’t use runes on the spells. Balance the dragons AND their spells, not just the spells.
  2. Great, you’re making warriors and sorcerors viable again by targeting their spells. Warriors are warriors. They’re huge tanks that can take a ton of damage. I’ve been decently impressed with some of the recent warriors, yet some have missed the mark, due to the lack of balance before they are released. Lots of players have benched dragons that should be viable after spell scaling is implemented, to include removing runes and glyphs for dust to level runes and glyphs on the dragons that were viable. So how can we get those, one of a kind (see #1) runes and glyphs back?
  3. So, to sum it up, you are making bases irrelevant. No matter how much you spent making your base the best on the block (mine isn’t, but still), all that time and effort is erased by changing a few lines of code to make a few dragons “more useful”.

I think the change is a runaround back end way of attempting to fix dragons that were released unbalanced. Players adapted to the imbalance and made decisions based upon the game, the towers, and the dragons at that time. So now, for making those choices, we are to be punished? Sounds ridiculous to me.

So, if you are gonna start tinkering with spell balance, you also need to look at compensating/replacing runes and glyphs that have been dusted, especially the seasonal, irreplaceable ones for divines.

And while you’re at it, bases need to be scaled as well, whether it be rider effects, gear effects, or rune/glyph effects, something needs to be done to maintain some sense of balance as I see this as a huge overcorrection which will leave bases defenseless against “properly scaled spells” that happen to make the list to improve someone’s “favorite dragon” that should have been awesome (and likely cost a shitton of money to obtain), however it missed the mark due to its spells not being as powerful (read: balanced) as they should have been before it was released.

Edit - I kind of almost hope you’re gonna just balance the newest, shiniest dragons and their spells. But, I doubt we could be so lucky, so I sure hope someone is reviewing every dragon, and every spell, to make sure you don’t accidentally make insert useless lower tier dragon here invincible :man_facepalming:


Because equal level or above triple defended bases are irrelevant right?

Sounds like the issue here is spending an obscene amount of money in the first place.

You included this in the same sentence where you said the word “spent.” Spending is neither time nor effort. It’s kind of the opposite. And it isn’t to make a few dragons more useful. It’s to make a few dragons less useless.

You made a conscious decision at the time. You aren’t owed anything. I agree with compensation where compensation is due but you don’t need to be compensated for literally every single change ever.

We don’t even know the degree to which this is going to be implemented. At all. You make it sound like shields are going to one shot boosted, defended islands through a storm tower shield.


So the kill % at maxed skill cap between hunters and warriors/sorcery are getting closer and closer

Making 3 dragon types equal?

They’re born not equal


#MakeDarjaGreatAgain :joy:
(Sorry for the tag. Did not mean to)


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Oh, I’m sorry. I’m not the one picking apart and putting their personal spin on someone else’s opinions.

PG needs to quit screwing with what has happened and focus on what is going to happen.

Supervisor A “Gee guys, what are we gonna do this month?”

Employee B: “I know, let’s scale spells.”

Stupid Intern: “Well we could maybe, I dunno, actually fix and balance stuff BEFORE we release it, instead of going backwards and fixing what the players have adapted to.”

Supervisor: “You’re fired.”


New theory, players will demand compensation over anything and everything :nerd_face:

Bases are supposed to be solid as rocks when double defended, but obviously that isn’t gonna be the case when a vanguard hits a harbinger tier tower… it actually amazes me how people constantly complain how they should be able to walk through bases, talk about entitelment… bases should be difficult when double defended, but still manageable with an equal tier dragon (manageable meaning some skill and timing should benefit the player, not equate to the same flop)


Fact is, they’re about to release another tier of dragons, which probably aren’t balanced, which probably just have recycled spells, which just furthers the existing problems in the game.

Of all the things they could and should be fixing, they choose spell scaling, which as others have stated, no one asked for.

Excuse me for being pissed that they’re going back and changing dragons and spells that have been around for months, if not years, making past decisions null and void.

Or, maybe they are just focusing on Vanguards and the new tier. Would sure be nice to know, but alas, all the folks “in the know” are bound by NDAs, so it’s ALL pure speculation, at this point.





So if they release something. And it isn’t balanced. They should not try and fix it because it should have been balanced beforehand? Ideally, it would be balanced on release, yes but using that as an argument to not fix it afterwards is… peculiar?

Keep in mind a lot of these spells were around before Atlas and gear were a thing, or relevant. Expecting PG to predict that gear would eventually provide +100% attack and health boosts and to scale all spells accordingly before gear was in the game, and even after it was released at 20% max, is silly.

No but you completely disregarded mine with a haughty reply. My ego is still intact, don’t worry about it :slight_smile:

Lol ya. Just add stuff to the game and if it doesn’t work, forget about it so you can just add more stuff later. Sounds like an extremely good game plan.

That’s different from your initial argument, but I agree!

That’s different from your initial argument, but I agree!

That’s different from your initial argument, but I agree!



Funny enough, I think we are on the same page.

Without any context of what spells exactly they are looking at changing, they could be going back and changing spells from 1+ years ago, that affects dragons that many players could still be flying today, but aren’t because they barned the dragons because of the imbalance.

When I barn something, I barn it. Strip it of its dignity, runes, glyphs, etc, as it is useless and those limited resources are best used elsewhere (I’m not made of money nor am I a spender, E2P here). If they are indeed making changes that would, for example, improve Fae (which is arguably one of the best sorceror divines released to date), which would make her useful to me again, that totally sucks as I made the decision to strip her and barn her because, at that time, she was useless at my current place in the game.

That’s where the stuff about runes/glyphs/etc comes in. Reaching back and changing history is bad. Righting a terrible wrong, maybe, but negating money/time/effort/resources/sigils spent, is bad.


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