Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


While this isn’t the top priority item I would have picked for PG to address I am glad they are making these changes as it shows they’re trying to balance the game. The basic idea behind this change is solid. In fact, the playerbase itself has said spells should be based on modified HP for a while now.
The only way to see how this works completely is to roll out their best version, after GPF testing, and let the playerbase run with it. Then I would expect some balancing of other areas of the game afterwards. While balancing everything as it comes out is ideal this isn’t what happened and I’m glad they’re addressing it instead of just blindly releasing new content and not addressing old issues.
I’d suggest we all calm down and see how this plays out. This change in and of itself won’t save the game but it’s a hopeful light on the horizon. If we bash PG for not addressing old issues, announcing changes ahead of time, and getting GPF input first and then we turn around and bash them for doing just that… I can only imagine how useless they view forum feedback. :roll_eyes: Yes, this isn’t the exact issue we’ve exploded about but it is a part of game balance and honestly needs to be done. Let’s not riot over something that isn’t bad. Save that coin for when it really matters.


I brought spell scaling issues up back in April. As of now, dragons that rely on base-hp depend spells to deal damage just can’t keep up with an equally boosted base (even more so due to hammer spam). That, I think, is a fact. And it’s nice to see that fixing this imbalance is on pg‘s roadmap.

As some have said, spell scaling may not be this game’s biggest problem. And not the only factor contributing to balance issues. I get that new tower/dragon tier releases and discrepancy between defended and undefended a bigger problem for some. But personally, i would like to see this one addressed. If pg is willing to do it now, I won’t complain.

Fixing things without touching anything or hurting one party in some way is quite difficult, I think. I have spend a lot on defense gear (almost 80% attack and hp buff), so it’s gonna hurt me. On the other hand, this game is about attacking too. So I’m willing to take that hit and hope a rebalance will make the game more enjoyable for both sides.

So, spell scaling gonna fix everything? No. But it’s a step in the right direction, imo.
Let them give us their fix proposals first. Then discuss compensation/counter proposal if required. Don’t kill the idea before it’s even born, lol. They’ve finally decided to sit down and balance something.


Just hoping that everyone can enjoy this update.

Scaling spell so that it matches the description is good. However, I hope that this won’t alienate some players (e.g. affecting competition in the same league due to different Atlas privileges).



How did you ever get posting privileges here? Reasoned analysis without absurd hyperbole and prophesized catastrophe? You’re in the wrong place.


I expect my membership to be revoked at some point for my lack of sarcasm and sheer stubborn argumentative smart-assery. :joy:

Edit: Also, you caught me on a good day. :yum:


Thanks for the info on the fact they don’t just kill towers, but actually count damage. This explains why I’ve seen c2d healed through.


Say atlas, I dare you


So now it’s going to be harder to defend our bases, great so this means more troop loss. What are you thinking? Of your going to make it real easy to kill off our troops how about making it easier to build new ones


Of all the things to be worked on,this should have been #500 not #1. This must have been what the big meeting was about ,that no one could talk about. I’m guessing catch up mechanics,the 2k response thread ,will just have to wait until next year.


Attack boost of a spell depend on…HP, although the dragons have their own attack point :octopus:


Uh maybe i should go for Prospero? If i’m right he will improve alot


Thank you pg, if this is done properly then if will improve many dragons that were much weaker than in theory they should have been


Avyx was pretty decent…


It’s a simple fix as far as the chest drops are concerned. Just flag people with atlas, so they don’t get the extra drops in chests.


Much like this change, consistency is appreciated. Personally, I don’t see any dragon being viable after this change if it was not before…


From the announcement:

the spell scaling formula is consistent for all spells


Spell scaling will impact all spells in-game evenly since it is a formula change.

I’m surprised they’re approaching this as an across-the-board formula change, but I guess that saves picking winners and losers and thinking about everything individually. I don’t know the body of spells well enough to have a sense for which this affects most.


Given that frequent ruby - chests bug, I doubt it will be as simple as that.


@PGCrisis not only thanks for the effort of improving the game but even more: thanks for communication before with us and announcing this. That is really appreciated.

That´s why I´m asking: please take my answer in a respectful and positive way, specially since I appreciate all personal efforts of PG Employees in Forums.

My feedback to Spell Sclaing is simple: FIX THINGS FIRST before trying to come up with new features and algorithms no one needs. In other words: I don´t need Spell Scaling. Thanks.

And that is why I have this opinion:

Are you sure about that? It could also be that this leads to dragons which reveal their full potential when reaching final tier and before are weaker / useless. Would you still be happy then?

Point is: no matter what the outcome is, there will be people complaining (you nerfed my Garentt Pathox … so unfair) if Dragons get weaker and there will be people complaining if dragons get stronger (great, now Emerald Pathox takes my 1B DP Base lvl300 solo with defenders).


Not much to say at this point. I’m in favor of these changes in theory, but it’s tough to underestimate PG’s ability to screw things up. I will have to reserve judgement until after this come out and the dust settles. I guess I am glad they are making an attempt at balancing things, I just hope this doesn’t end up with even worse unintended consequences as usual.
Hopefully they will test this well with all the relevant dragons before releasing. :sweat_smile:

PS- I have to say it has become something of a mini soap opera/ mystery theater watching for Panda’s alts to pop up in these threads and get banned. While I don’t agree with everything he says I do hope he will continue entertaining us. :rofl:


In principle, this seems like a good change.

So spells are getting nerfed to accommodate the new scaling system. I also read (hope I didn’t misunderstand) that hunters won’t become more powerful. OK. In order to get the same bonus as I do now, which combination of buffs am I going to need? Am I now needing to get max research bonus and max rider and max legendary armor in order to get back the bonus I used to enjoy?