Spellflux request

Simple request regarding spellflux - @pgpulse

  • can the “target rune vault” priority be shifted down?

It is currently targetting rune vault above the majority of other towers, which is really pointless.

Thank you.


What is this rune vault?

I think that is a very valid request. I will look into that!


So what happens is you are on the home stretch, and use flux to try take out towers, it shoots at the rune vault instead as priority, and ignores all towers :slight_smile:

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Oh. :scream:

I like this target priority actually, it can provide a strategy for having farms near the end and attackers will have to hit the vault before fluxing near the end.

It takes timing, i used to do it with skarr all the time :+1:

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Problem currently is vs high level bases, where there are actual towers there that do dmg.

Eg. full of 60s;

Also level 60 farms are sneezed down at the moment, hardly worth a click

Yeah true, at this current time maybe. And only on a small % of bases that are max level will this be a problem.

I’ve just always thought this was a strategic planning advantage one could plan for if attackers primarily used spell flux dragons against you (skarr and DeStar are probably the only viable ones right?)

You dare blaspheme Kelvin?!

There are a few others as well, but thats the gist of it.

As I said I won’t cry myself to sleep if they don’t change it, its more of a quality of life issue really.


Ice Flak for Steal Essence? @PgPulse

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Are you asking what it gives? It’s Freeze for both SE and EE.

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Destroying Ice Flak gives Freeze for both Steal Essence and Extrace Essence :slight_smile:


I think these quality of life issues are important. Thanks for bringing it up!


Is Steal essence gonna change for Treb?
Ice shock or frozen tomb on Ice flak is more appreciated since freeze is already there for Trebuchet.
(Just a thought )

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