Spells Based on "Percentage of Max HP" -- Change or No Change?

I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed a not-so-subtle change in how spells that use a “percentage of max HP” as their variable for either their attack strength, healing strength, or damage absorbing level are working?

My wife does tell me I’m crazy… So maybe I’m imagining things. :crazy_face:

If you do notice a difference, please share with us all what the spell is, what dragon you used, and if the difference was “good” or “bad.”

There are other spells that make use of this variable as well. If you notice any strange behavior from these spells, please let us all know.

Note: I am not providing a list because I do not which to influence which spells people report as improved or not improved.

Thanks a bunch!


It might be worth noting if the dragon is runed/glyphed or boosted too. :see_no_evil:

I’d have to wonder if it’s just damage over a 100% boost + heal-related.

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GO is definitely being affected the most drastically, and since he’s unboosted with no runes that affect GO, this isn’t a rune/boost problem:

HM healing less than normal, unruned drude who healed on a turn with no damage to interupt the heal visual:

@pgjared @pgpulse has there been a change in which value these spells are referencing that’s making them subpar?
And will this affect the spring divines coming out since they also reference a max hp variant?

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That is dramatic!

It is! As my recent edit expressed, I’m concerned this will affect the upcoming spring divines being released today.

Same is happening to me

My avyx’s healing Mark is drastically underperforming

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Yup my avyx healing mark I used two on a island and didn’t get 20% back. And he has three runes for healing mark. I messaged support. Any dragon with healing mark can’t be used to potential at all.

Neptus’ riptide is dealing zero damage for me.
Spell is cooling down in the screenshot.

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Edit: The explosion happens afterwards, not upon cast. Are you still seeing a problem then?

Also interested in this because I joined three peoples runs who have Neptus and their rip worked just fine. One has a vid.

My Neptus’ tidal is doing fine but riptide does seem to be doing less damage than before.
Shezard’s seeker shots also seems weaker…
But now I’m wondering if I’m seeing things or what…

And cure does not heal for Equestor too lol.
And Avyx does zero heal too

Yup, I’ve a healing problem :sweat_smile::joy:

I have noticed severly reduced power for Borgians white lightning

My Rizar Galvanic is not doing any additional damage. Has killed me a few times already today on xp base

Thanks you everyone for posting about the spell issues. Our engineering/design team has started looking into it. Once we have a better understanding of the issue and as we develop a solution for a fix we will update this thread with our findings. From what i can gather it seems like the two major issues at hand are

-Healing Mark not healing as much
-Galvanic Overload not working

As @SavageAFforPG stated this might have something to do with percent of max HP spells. As i find out more i will post my findings!

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Please let this be a bug and not “fixed” like they did to cannons. :unamused:

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Yup. Runes for healing mark seems to be NOT working properly! I noticed on my Borgian and Avyx.

I don’t believe it’s the runes, my Borgian heals more than Avyx, but he has better runes on them.

Also while I was videoing Rizar, Galvanic Overload didn’t do much damage on the high level buildings but destroyed a level 23 canon. So I flew again.

It done minimal damage to a level 44 farm and level 44 fire turret, took about half the health of a level 28 archer, level 32 storm and level 30 canon. But completely destroyed levels 20-23 cannons and a level 23 lightning.

Good to know a platinum dragon is reduced to attacking level 64 bases.