Spells Based on "Percentage of Max HP" -- Change or No Change?

I’ll take the delay over no rage return, though - tried to get it to bug as much as possible but no issues :rofl:

I’ll recheck…

I casted multiple times earlier and nothing the towers were just blowing up.

But this update & event has brought so many glitches/bugs and everything is running terrible.

my healing mark and northern lights is messsssed up… still gotto wait to test more things out… and oh i wonder if i have been robbed of my gold chests and sigils
as well as others have??

Can this please be reviewed further? Runes don’t appear to be working in coordination with healing mark.

HM on my Ettin is giving just a little more than the health given by Steal Essence. This is awful :cold_sweat:

Fix is LIVE! If any problems continue to persist please let us know!


HM seems to be working just fine for me now. Thank you for the fix! My Avyx is happy now :grin:

It’s working fabulously, thanks for the fix!

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I’m still having issues with white lightning on a level 40 borgian. Doesn’t take out a single tower, and I have tried lower level bases also. It’s useless for me, but I have seen it working for other members of my team

You should try a reinstall; it fixed it for others reporting the same issue. Make sure that you remember your PocketID info.

I’m having the lightning problem with gargle and whale from extract/steal essence. Lightning bolt bounces through all the towers but no damage at all. Also getting rubies instead of bronze chests still

Chaos runes/Glyphs dont seem to be working.
Spring Revival rune/Glyphs dont seem to be working…

Please Fix ASAP as those are KEY runes for this new hunter.

Reinstall fixed it for me. Thanks for the suggestion

To anyone who was having issues with Chain Lightning, could you please PM me about it?

In terms of the Chaos and Spring’s Renewal runes/glyphs, the team has been looking at why they were not working. I, unfortunately, do not have more of an update right now.

:cry: could you look into Northern Lights as well?

I haven’t noticed anything different about spindra and I ran her quite a bit today. Granted I wasn’t looking for anything to be wrong, but nothing popped out.

My GO on rizar seems fine. Thanks.

Yeah. PG Michael said they had fixed that one. And healing mark.

Anuba’s reanimate seems to be affected as well

Does it seem like the hunter’s energy bar is at a crawl now too?