Spells doing 0 damage

Does anyone know why the Lethal Barrier and Chain Lightning spell does no damage? Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me? It’s especially bad when I use a dragon with steal essence because if I destroy a lightning tower I have to use Chain lightning before getting a different spell,which is a waste of rage bars.

Odd. Chain Lightning is working just fine for me. Is it on any specific dragon?

Are you using it on a red mage or on storm shielded towers?


On all of them that use/can get it. Also are you using eqeustor and it works?

No I’m even using it with no Magen towers around and it still does no damage no matter what.

No, I have Steal Essance for Whalegnawer and Consurgens and CL works fine on both of them.


Lethal barrier isn’t a SE spell btw’s, but I brushed sage off and this is the damage it gave these towers :man_shrugging:t3:

Those are the dragons I’m using as well but still it doesn’t do any damage. Weird.

I know it’s not that kind of spell but it still is supposed to do damage once it explodes. Mine doesn’t do damage once it explodes which is why I’m confused

Hmm. Uninstall/reinstall? Send in a ticket to support? That’s really odd.

Here are two after and during it exploding. The second one even shows it saying “0”

Yup this. Lots of weird issues like that going around. Try reinstalling (make sure you have a pocket Id first)

If a reinstall doesn’t do it, a ticket is the next corse.

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