Spells don’t work in the shrine guardians


Hi @PGRocket @PGChocolate @Arelyna and @PGCrisis

Neither elemental mayhem nor mystic winds/windwall work on ice/fire turrets on the shrine guardians. I think there’s another spell that I’m forgetting that also doesn’t work, but those are the main 3 for now

Hopefully a fix before next iteration please? :pray:t3:


I sign under that as well :raising_hand_woman:t3:‍♀
Several of my most powerful dragons I can use in a tier can’t fight in the shrine as spells aren’t working.


I didn’t know wind wall worked on ice turret thought that was a beam attack? :thinking:

Learn something new I guess


It doesn’t block the damage but it shortens the duration of the beam. I was mostly talking about elemental mayhem not working on the supercharged ice turrets though


Almost all spells doesn’t work against gardians especially elemental turrents are extra stronger than should be for in that tier.


You’ll notice that specific towers are buffed within the shrine guardians (e.g. Fluxias’ archers’ insane fire rate), corresponding to their element. It’s an intended mechanic.


Intended? You shure it couldnt be a bug? There are plenty of precidence for it to be a bug


Not sure if it’s related or not.
For temple guard, steal essence gives wrong spell.


I can’t be sure unless I have all the stats, but, yes. Towers corresponding to the element of the guardian are stronger in the guardian bases.


Yeah the firing rate of archers and canon towers are unreal :triumph:


It functions the same as last time. If it is a bug it is better than most design features. The guardians at the end and center island are the most enjoyable part of pvp events left in the game. Its almost a skill based element in this game.


I want THAT for my base.


But that might make non premium towers useful. :see_no_evil:


Wonder if anyone recorded how fast flaks shoot…


I was also having a problem with cure poison. It would make the little symbol go away and it would heal my dragon (with research), but my health was still ticking down between islands.


Weird :thinking: my cure poison was working fine :man_shrugging:t3:


I have the cure poison research and it didnt seem to heal my dragon at all


Mine worked on Amarok.


Elemental mayhem didnt work on my Amarok


I had trouble with elemental mayhem and cure poison on amarok. I attempted to use wind wall at one point too but I don’t remember what dragon I used it on. None of them worked correctly.