Spells don’t work in the shrine guardians


Do you have a vid of cure poison? I remember it working fine on my runs


No I don’t unfortunately because it only happened on the run that had a lot of ballistas. I still managed to beat it on that run so I couldn’t do it again and take a video.


Cure poison worked but not long enough


Could anyone please get me a video of this or ticket numbers?


Hi Arelyna,

Vid of elemental mayhem not working:

I still think that cure poison is working fine, as I made a point of not shielding during the ballista island and survived just fine. People might think it’s not healing enough bc they put a rider and armor on him (healing doesn’t scale with gear).

I don’t have a vid of mystic winds not working on fire turrets but I know I died :sweat_smile:


Is havinga problem with chain lightning most noticeably.

I was having a problem with chain lightning most noticeably. Stupid auto correct.


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