Spend money on your games and not getting result in return. I’m not happy about it

I have spend quite a # of on your games thinking that it will give me back what I want because it say if you spend # of you will get whatever items it advertised and you don’t get it. Can someone assist or look into it. Appreciate it.

It would probably help if you were a little more specific and provided examples.

wait, where did it say that you have to spend this amount to get the item that is advertised?

I’m gonna need some specific examples here.

Depends on what you wanted to get versus how much you paid for…

The value could be improved, thats for sure.


$5 to become a megalomaniacal boy king. How is this hard?


What’s a pound sign worth?

I m sorry to bring this up to your attention but quite a bit of time and money to advance on the game and understand. If you look into you can see how much I have spend. But that’s fine if I can advance myself or my games but I don’t get when they say that when you spend 2000 eggs you will get the dragon you like at time and levels. So I spending quite amount of time and money and I don’t get it. So now I’m at the point not to buy anything its has make the game so slow in process and for days I don’t get anything at all. Boring right now can even doing war or raise your dragon so they can even defends for themselves. I wish I have known all of this before I getting into it. I’m waiting for you guys to answer before I go on

about a pound



Ah, I remember my first case of “buyer’s remorse”.


The game gets better, but even with spending (unless you spend a LOT) it takes time to progress. Research how best to play the game here ( https://www.wdgeeks.info/ ). Hopefully it will make sense if you can use Google Translate to assist you.

Good luck

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