Spending my last sigils

Hi all, looking at spending the last of my sigils to finalize my season.

I got a little to click happy with LTB this season so I am slightly short of where I want to be. Also didn’t help that I could not reach the 5k ruby drops :sleepy: either event this time around.

So I need to decide if I finish the festive dracs (all 600) or if I short myself 52 and finish the Charged Volt line instead.
I am leaning towards finalizing the Volt line.

Also searching through the forums I can’t seem to find details on the redemption branch, specifically how many gold/plats you get per key/As Token. If someone has that could they let me know.

** The table shows the values of the tower line plus opening the 40 golds in value. The Drac is the value of 52 chests opened (yes I am aware that it is to short a sample size) {and yes these would not be opened until next season}

I think it’s 18 gold chests per token and 6 gold/2plats for keys… that’s all I remember :thinking:


Sounds close to what I thought it was. Just trying to lock it down.

I did find a comment while searching that the Ascension Token it is 3x the value of a key in the branch so that would be;
Key = 6 Gold or 2 Plat
Asc T = 18 Gold or 6 Plats :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Morreion includes the redemption branch in his seasonal sigil lines spreadsheets just for future reference


Great thank you.
And so it is x3. Will help plan the start of the next season.

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Typically for redemption you can get
6 plat per ascension token and 2 plat per key
18 gold per ascension token or 6 gold per key

Can’t remember the exact numbers for timers electrum or embers though


For a key the options are:

  • 2 platinum chests
  • 6 gold chests
  • 30 12h timers
  • 3500 embers
  • 2500 egg tokens

An ascension token is worth 3 keys.

edit: Oh and I see @ZeroDucksGvn already posted it a few posts earlier :joy:


Thanks for the info everyone.
That will be a good number of chests for next season.

I’m the end I only missed out on 44 dracs. So not so bad, considering I got 40 golds and all those timers and Electrum.

One more question for everyone. Gold chests over Plats???
192 gold or 64 plats (I already have 165 plats so either way a good number to open)

Personally I prefer golds if you’re not opening a ton of plats. With Assault being week 1 either can be opened right away.

I’ve got 21 keys and 12 ascension tokens to exchange, I’ll be taking 342 golds in place of 114 plats and then will be opening them between fort and breeding to maximize rewards (assuming I dont screw it up or throw myself out of a window before I finish)

I, unfortunately, did have to sacrifice claiming the last 124 drac chests this season in order to get the exotic rune and Mentos.
Im really hoping the sorcerer and warrior are good next season (OMFG WHY MUST IT BE DARK AGAIN?!!! :sob:)


Cause it’s a KinX wannabe?

All jokes aside :crossed_fingers:here’s hoping for a good season.
Dang did you claim a mythic? Or just no worthy second to choose from?

I claimed Maggot and he will be perched. Definitely nothing worth claiming as a 2nd mythic this season and if they’d let me Id return Maggot for a refund of my keys. I hate him so much