Spent rubies on breeding


4500 rubies and 3 eggs is not garrenteed progress


Poor grasshopper.

Never spend rubies on anything in game other than:

  • Gold chests
  • Sigil chests
  • Speeding token missions


The rubies are a terrible method, the number of egg tokens you get for the amount of rubies spent is not comparable at all.


Did not mean to spend them hit wrong button the hit Auto breed and took all my rubies


It is said as guaranteed progress because

  • Other than very poor breed (2% Noss / Amarok / Durga), all eggs have at least 5% chance.
  • It does 20 egg breeding.


The only time it’s relevant to used this Breeding with rubies is when you still have that tutorial quest worth 2k rubies (with the discount at Platinum and Sapphire you can win almost 1k rubies that way, compared to 500 rubies before! :star_struck:)


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:thinking: Not even for Mythic Rage/Ammo glyph if they’re guaranteed for runic/silver?


Of course if they had opened enough and tracked it to work out where they are on the sequence and determined what the next chests are then yeah of course spend to get it :rofl:


Fortunately, Runic (Legendary drop) uses the same index as Silver Chest (Legendary Dragon). Therefore, we don’t need to open Runic to know one :rofl:


Wait - so if you work out where you are on Silver, you know your corresponding position on Runic? How to match the two sequences?


20 runic chests guarantee two legendary drops.
Therefore we only need to track Legendary Dragon drop from silver chests.


I thought these were the stuff legends are made of… :exploding_head:


Ah ok!


Orca can you please mail me i cant understand your chest drop predictor :sweat:


I can’t understand Orca’s either :sweat_smile: @Morreion has one that is a lot easier to understand that can be found here: https://wd.neon-wonderland.com

The only issue is he hasn’t cracked how to do silver chest contents yet… But otherwise I find his “predictors” quite handy.


I believe Morreion uses Orca’s data, just in a more user friendly way. But it’s still credit to Orca.


Agreed :slight_smile: @OrcaFrost is awesome and we would be lost without her :upside_down_face:


Correct, mine is just a helper program to sort through the data for you, but I still get the raw numbers from Orca. That’s also one reason why I’m always slower to update (although this week it’s me slacking too).