Spent rubies on breeding


@Morreion you slacker!! Just kidding!! :wink::joy:

With all that you do to help the rest of us, take all the slack time that you need. Thank you for all you do for us! :grin::beers:

What you, and serveral others, do helps many of us get through this crazy game. Whether it’s guides, charts, or just comments/advice provided here in the forums it is all very helpful and very much appreciated by many of us here. Thank you ALL! :grin::beer:


Im pretty sure that the quest is for telling new player to try it once to see how trash that function is



I’m not going to disagree :joy: but rubies are rubies, I won’t refuse 500 or 1k just because the quest is stupid. Even my alt has a tiny lv1 ballista that will just collect dust forever :laughing: