Sphinx dragon as an idea!

I think it would be kinda cool if we had a Sphinx cat type dragon. It could use attacks like a mini Sphinx and could be a hunter. Maybe it would kill towers with some kind of overbearing love attacks as Sphinx cats are known to be overly friendly. Idk just a thought.


I think it would be cool if they did a whole season with an ancient Egypt type theme. a Mummy type rider and a scarab type dragon etc…


Poor forgotten Rajin :crying_cat_face:


Didn’t we have that in the past? :thinking:

Hmm not that I can remember—I could be forgetting one though.

If there’s one season I’d really love to see it would be kind of a fantasy steampunk/metallic artistry theme. Unless they already did that while I was on my hiatus which would be unfortunate

Ozydias is pretty sphinx-like

The entirety of sapphire tier.


We already have Ozydias

That is one dragon from a mad max themed season. And it uglyyy. Maybe not the ideal specimen

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Just give me a cat-based dragon and I’ll be happy. :joy:

I need a flying piggy that has a white spell of mud splash :pig_nose::pig::rofl::joy:

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So, Chunk.

Piggy = Hippo. Same, same.

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