Spice up breeding (and fort)

There is plenty to do in atlas than just building troops. I find no time on breeding and fort cus of atlas :face_with_monocle: go kill in atlas

Plenty to do …hmmmmm …like what?
As a pirate I build troops and I kill them off by attacking pointlessly! Lol
Rinse repeat.
As a castle owing land lubber I was constantly defending! :man_facepalming: :rofl: :-1:

So what exactly else have you found to do besides defending these stagnant castles and running pointless raids?

Raiding is pretty much all we’re left with because real full scale battles are not viable due to lag.
“map has zero tactical value “:man_shrugging:

I’d love a real goal for atlas besides acquisition of stagnation and massive battles that are not even viable! lol


I have a fun team, your team sounds boring

Edited because of too much details lol

And what will that applied tactic lead to game wide if it becomes a commonly practiced tactic?:smiling_imp:
Edit* You edited the listed applied tactic :rofl:

We don’t care about it for a game wide perspective , we just want to kill when we are bored taking a break from real life. Kill together as a team. Get more mythic gears, help our smaller newer players get mythic gears early on as level 100.
The occasional teams that try to hit us, gives us a temporary goal of conquering them back for hitting us.

Sadly that tactic will lead to rapid stagnation :man_shrugging:
While good for your team it’s not a healthy game tactic for long term escalation of conflict on the map!
That said i don’t blame your team one bit for deployment of it because that’s all that currently works and keeps the team playing :man_shrugging:


It ain’t stagnat for us, since we like to train smaller levels for atlas raiding early on.
Setting a goal of getting two full maxed sets of mythic offensive set of gears for each element ,
Maybe getting one full set of lol mythic defensive gear of two elements min, seems like a solid goal that can keep you busy for a long time in atlas
Surely there might be end game long time players and spenders who have that already but for peeps like me, and other smaller players, such a goal seems far away and we have time to catch up lol

Enjoy it while it lasts :man_shrugging:

But I get where you are coming from, this game could be more fun, if they actually reset the castles at every season, so teams can haves competitve race to get the most castles.

That’s called an event! And would defeat the entire purpose of adding a map but yes you are correct the issue lies with the castles and the overall goal associated with them! Lol
The goal of acquisition is killing our game! :man_shrugging:
We wouldn’t need to re set this map if it had a offensive based core goal Instead of a defensive goal based on acquisition and stagnation :man_shrugging:
We wouldn’t even need events if the map was actually based on long term offensive play! :scream:

That’s the issue really events will always be repetitive and breeding and fort doesn’t need secondary features to “spice them up” we need a functional map that can eliminate the event cycle! It’s making everyone nauseous anyway :nauseated_face::rofl:
Round and round the same old crap it’s nauseating :man_shrugging:

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