Spindra use of spells

I have spindra at level 14 and seems it still cannot complete even half a base
I was wondering if there is a certain technique when using the skills, enfeebled and sacrifice? The blue shield only works if no blue mage tower. What runes work best with this dragon? I’m hating this dragon at the moment, it surely don’t act divine to me , any suggestions?

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Spindra is more of a finisher dragon than a lead.
If she is leading, the spell combo is enfeeble, swipe, enfeeble (this will kill blue, and or front three depending on if you can enfeeble the front 3 towers with one enfeeble), then sacrifice, NL.
With a level 14 spindra, you can get 80% on the 213 xp base on xpfarmsloosex1, it’s a good base to practice on.

I believe that’s the team name.
If I were to recommend a base, USAHD2 from that team for practice. No mages, but it’s a good practice and xp base

That all depends on your level. With a level 14 spindra the OP is waaay past USAHD.

yeah, but just for practice initially is fun :]

Yes it’s a team name, I said:

lol ok. that’s not how i read it. sorry.

Ouch. Spindra is a very good dragon with very good spells. Practice makes perfect. If you hate it why did you continue on with the branch?

Here’s one from Tony with a L52 Spindra vs L397 base :slight_smile:

I don’t have Spindra myself, as I’m going after Necryx, but it does seem pretty fun to fly :smiley:

Spindra imo has been the best sorcerer ive ever seen since the day this season started. I am also a fan of Fae and Tengu.

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