Splatswolfpack(8/8 ; 5/5) - Plat2/3 - Looking for Notorious Pirates

Splatswolfpack :sunglasses:
Looking for Filthy Pirates :joy:

If you are not a Pirate, never done sniping or not even interested in sniping, don’t bother reading further and save your time.

First things First : We are Pirate team, So we love castles more than the people having them :relieved:

Well about the other good stuffs:

  • 8/8 All Events(Except last breed of Season, we will try that too)

  • Rank 1 all Events (Including Breed)

  • 10 Quest Prizes

Some Eye Soothing Pics :star_struck:

Last Pits

Last Fort

Last Breed

Last Temple Raid

Last Kingdom War
See the Dolphin :star_struck:
It had other fin and long tail too🤧

Its Nice Right !! :heart_eyes:

So what we need :
Players who love Sniping
Must do 8/8, 5/5

Thats that!!

Adding, we are Mostly Euro- Asian team
We played in Plat 3 till now, Now we plan to Stay in Play 2 as we can easily achieve Rank 1 here too, Unless some Huge Saph or Diamond decides to drop back :man_shrugging:

Highly active Pirate team:
Monthly Kill rank ranges from 90- 150
We are open for Any level players.
But we try to keep our APR low, its 460 atm, so that we get more targets with 100%, Easy Glory😋
Plus we focus on Base DP a lot, I think you know why.

So let me know if you are Interested :sunglasses::v:t2:
Or have some queries.


Invite me in the name demonsalpha. I do very well in events, wars and atlas. If level doesnt matter to you. :grinning:I will join once after event. Just invite me right now!

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Yup, if you could do 8/8, 5/5 all events, Level doesn’t matters.
Ill mail you Ingame.

Organized piracy :parrot:
Arrrrgghhh matey! Soon the skys will be filled with this flag :pirate_flag:
We do not bow and we do not cower in fear behind castle walls we stand proud and free like a true dragon lord should.
Pure offense in the face of this defensive map!

Serving the mega alliances and bending knee to politics wore on my perspective.
I simply don’t hold a perspective that allows me to bow or serve or worship.

Ones will needs to be absolute.

I will stand with 50 others and fight by their side but I simply am not good at following especially when it’s fear that leads!
Castles are created by fear and held by fear I will not dwell in fear!
Dirty land lubbers :rofl:


I’m not very sure of this :upside_down_face: They have the total power ranking of top 300 teams but just sitting at pla II - III , of course they will easily crush over everyone else in their league :crazy_face:

glares at UIH

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there are a bunch of sandbagger teams like them nowadays and you don’t have to name all of them out :slight_smile:


That’s their choice
This is how gaming suppose to be : fun :confetti_ball::partying_face::balloon:
Fun need to be at the center of it
Sandbags if you want , be pirate :pirate_flag: sometimes to enjoy the fun of hitting whoever you want


That’s a Nice one🤩
Bro u are too much into Piracy , You sound even more Pirate than me :eyes:
Yup we are more organized than many castle peeps in WD :sunglasses::v:t2:
Here to break the myth : Pirate teams don’t perform well :roll_eyes:
One here rules Plat 3😎

Ahh no @LoeweDerKaiser, Our Atlas Power Rank is 451 atm and we have never gone below 430.
We are actually a very small plat team :grin:
Not Sandbagging like some particular Sapphire team in Plat😝


Yup Games are meant for fun🤩
People are loosing the essence of the games.
We are absolute fun, total freedom , peaceful Nights, just no stress at all
We are stress to others though :rofl:
And I like the concept of Sandbagging, but we are not actually Sandbagging :sweat_smile:

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The land lubbers have chosen to take and hold permanent defense positions this requires defending them from attacks it does not however guarantee retribution.
The benefits of castle ownership versus the burden of play they create.

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Hi Guys🙋‍♂️,
We have only 2 places left now to substitute.
Please let me know if anyone wants to join in next 24hrs, as after that we’ll start commiting to applied players.

I applied😀

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Yup Got it Bro😁

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Couldn’t think of anything worse than being in a team so poor they can’t gain and maintain a castle.

Couldn’t think of anything worse than being in a team that has only access castles that nooone elses wanted and then whaa whaa about getting sniped.


Ohhh I don’t know. Making an alt to post on forums… Seems a pirate team suits you just fine. “man prefers darkness because his deeds are evil” read that somewhere once…



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