Spreadsheet Vault by Cat

Hi everyone!

After Mechengg, ConfusedKate and now Zamirathe I’ll be maintaining this for the time being.
I’m copying most of Zamis post because I would mostly write the same thing anyway. Obviously I do not claim that I came up with the idea

Important Notes

  • All sheets with a comment of [download link] will come up to a page for you to make a copy to your Drive. For this page to show up, you must be logged into your Google account.
  • If this doesnt show up on your device:
    • In a browser, go to File > Make a copy
    • In the google sheets app (android, but probably iOS as well) tap the three dots>Share and Export>Make a copy
  • All requests for edit access are ignored and deleted. Any community editable sheets will be listed as such.
  • Many of these spreadsheets have multiple sheets in them, so make sure you check all the sheets in a particular spreadsheet.

Planners and Organizers

  • Fortification Planner [download link, fill out your info]
    Plan out each of your Fort events easily so you know how much you can build and what you will get in return.
    Post with the how to video Zamirathe made. (Originally by mechengg, remastered by ConfusedKate)
  • Sigil Spender [download link, fill out your info] Will let you see how many more sigils you need to finish a line, discounted or not, track out an entire season if you want, and look at sigils spent on a week to week basis.
    This hasn’t been updated for a while. If this is something useful to you, let me know so I’ll put some time into updating it
    (Original sheet by BadgerWar)
  • Event Chest Drops [download link, fill out your info]
    This worksheet allows you to enter the number of chests you open based on the event you choose and will give an average drop rate. It is based on averages, so the more chests you open, the more accurate it will be. Based on Mechengg’s Chest Drop Rates which you can view in his vault below. (By ConfusedKate)
  • Season Planner [download link, fill out your info]
    This planner will let you plan out your entire season. Right down to trying different event goals, opening various amounts of chests, and being able to input what you will be picking up on a weekly basis to determine your end season goals. Great for those wanting to optimize their gameplay. (By Mechengg)
  • Chest Drop Predictor [download link, fill out your info] - Fill out with community found chest sequence info, then open a few chests, fill out the appropriate predictor sheet and the sheet will spit out the remaining sequence of returns should you continue to open up to 1k chests. Includes a summary sheet to see your total drops possible. (By Zamirathe)
    Currently only available for gold and sigil (super sigil) chest sequences.
  • Lineage Dragons Checklist [download link, fill out your info] - For those of you that want to collect them all, here is a simple checklist for keeping track of which lineage dragons you have and need. You will still need to go find cheapest breed pairs to get any dragons you are missing. I highly encourage you to NOT collect all until you reach end game by following a good breeding path. (By Zamirathe)
  • Research Planner [download link, fill out your info]
    Select which research has been completed and filter by Yes to better see what you have left to research. Enter Yes under Want for any research you would like to complete (be sure to watch prerequisites). Enter the number of eggs you have on the Eggs Needed tab and you will see how many tokens you’ll need to complete the research. For more research eggs combos see: Egg token combos for Red eggs - Neon War Dragons (By ConfusedKate)
  • PVP Event Planner [download link, fill out your info]
    This set of worksheet will give you a rough estimate on what you can expect to get each pvp event and how many resources you will need to reach your goals. (By Mechengg)
  • Troop Planner [download link, fill out your info] - This will let you fill out how many trainings you do a day, whether you run Atlas Elite, how many bullhorns per training you use, to see how long you need to make a certain amount of troops.
    Note: Using a lot of Bullhorns in a short time reduces how many troops you get per Bullhorn
    (By Zamirathe)
  • Breeding Table [download link, fill out your info] - This will let you set up a recovery breeding plan for any teammates that are way off track with breeding or your very own for various purposes.
    Also contains info for research eggs (By Cat)

Planners and Organizers (Retired, will be revamped/removed eventually)

  • Beast Stat Tables [download link, fill out your info]
    See the gold and shard payouts of the beasts based on the info you select. (By Mechengg)
  • Rider Gear Worksheet
    See the stats of your riders based on their training and gear. (By Mechengg, not updated since he left.)
  • Crafting Gear Analysis - Not updated for Elite or Mythic gear
    See how much shards of each type it will cost you to level your gear. (By Mechengg, not updated since he left.)
  • Glory Calculator (By Mechengg)
    NidoGod has taken over this project. View his thread here.
  • Crafting Event Planner
    Plan out your crafting event. (By Mechengg, currently outdated)

Information Spreadsheets

Main Game


  • Primarch Leveling Information
    The cost to level each primarch from Fighter to max tier.
    At least Silver 1 is out of date. If anyone knows how much PG has discounted please let me know (By Mechengg)
  • Rider Gear Cost & Buff Tables
    The cost in shards, time, and rubies to speed up each level of gear. I’m pretty sure I figured out the way PG calculates the cost, so I adjusted it. Old version is still there until I get to verify it. Verification help welcome (By Mechengg)
  • WTF do i upgrade first?
    A guide to leveling gear.
    (By Mechengg)
  • Atlas Infrastructure Upgrade Table
    (By Mechengg)
  • Infrastructure Upgrade Bonuses
    (By Mechengg)
  • Atlas Bank Storage & Transfer Information
    The Sheets title is “Pre- Combined Banking”. Pretty sure its out of date. (By Mechengg)

Miscellaneous Info stored in the Vault

Thank you to Mechengg and ConfusedKate for many of the original sheets in the vault. Their contributions are appreciated and they will be greatly missed.

Same goes for Zamirathe. Thank you for maintaining the Vault for 2 Years and 8 Months(!) and have fun in your WD-Retirement

I hope I managed to update all links. If you see any that still point to Zami’s Drive please let me know. The same goes for any other errors I have missed.
There are some WIP sheets in the Vault, including a Rider Upgrade sheet.
I’ve also made my own version of Reds Breeding Path that is up to date with the current discounts and tiers that I just didn’t post anywhere because Red wished that only her trusted successor would do so. If it is okay with them I would post it here as well.

If there is anything you would like to exist feel free to tell me the idea and I’ll see what I can do, I like working with sheets anyway I’m just lacking ideas


This is just a placeholder for an edit history. Should help with finding stuff in the future

First Edit: Had some links in wrong places. Should now be the correct ones
Second Edit: Adding Breeding Table

“Release Notes”



Thank you for taking over! Zami’s vault has been an incredible resource over the years, glad to see it’ll be kept up.


Thank you for taking over! :hugs:


Thanks for continuing their legacy. I miss mech!


@Cat You have nine lives :rofl::rofl: … Thank you for taking over and keeping us busy bees on track. Love the admiration you have for the work you do. You can lean on us for any support you need. Always happy to help :relaxed:.

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@cat thanks for taking over, these sheets are very helpful. I noticed on version 1.4 of research planner that prerequisite red background is not clearing when a prerequisite has been completed.

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I didnt find the conditional formatting for this column when I moved it over for some reason so I thought that was supposed to be just red.
Found the formatting rule and fixed the formula, v1.4.1 should have it fixed @Stillharris


Thank you for keeping their wonderful legacy strong for future players! :cherry_blossom:

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@Cat hi, and thanks for taking over.

I noticed that there is a Fort planner v. 5.9.0

the third resource column remains blank

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For some reason I messed up the lookup range after the very first column.
Its just a cosmetic issue though, it will still count the points correctly.

Fixed in v5.9.1

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Fort planner updated to fix the cosmic charge not displaying and making sure the RSS table sums up the resources used correctly. It is no longer counting black pearls for points or the RSS table from the “Do you have enough & are you going to upgrade it this event?” Yes/No dropdown but from actually entered builder hut upgrades (and perches of course)

Anyone who made a copy of the planner in the last hour or so might want to make a new copy, at least if you care about the RSS table!


Just removed the ‘autoclose after last reply’ timer from this topic - this way there’ll be no need to worry about bumping this to keep it open :wink:


Hi everyone!

Breeding is coming soon and I’ve “polished” some things related to that.
First off, I’ve updated the research planner to have up to date costs and I’ve also put some effort into figuring out the cheapest pairs for each tier.

In order to do that without clicking around neon for hours, I instead changed my “breeding sheet” to calculate the cost for each kind of “egg currency” for each existing breeding pair. This way I get to see the cheapest combinations by “sort sheet A-Z” for whichever tier I like.
I decided to have it include all possible children since I figured research eggs are usually needed in big enough quantities that it makes a difference (even though it mostly affects the tiers that are discounted by 90% anyway)

This Breeding Table can also be used to map out your future breeding by simply putting the ID of a breeding pair and the slot of the desired child for each step and you’ll see the (running) cost along with some other stuff like minimum player level needed and its backed in the same way the fort planner is so it will stay up to date with tiers and discounts!

Naming and designing things are not my strong point so if anyone has suggestions for those let me know. Of course also if there is something wrong with the content itself


I ran into a bit of trouble while trying to get the new data files on GDrive because I did a little trick to not need to manually convert all the files when I uploaded them the first time.

Im pretty sure I know how I can fix it without much trouble but it involves a lot of waiting for a process to end so I can start the next one. Good news is next time it should just work.

I’ll most likely have the new tower levels (153 - 155) in the fort planner sometime in the next 24h


Alright, the fort planner should now have all tower levels up to 155. If it still shows 152 you’ll want to reload it and give it a second to find all the files again


Is there a new crystal caves sequencer? :melting_face:


You’ll have to ask Blassie about that.

I can get the Base HP% sheet in here but none of her other sheets


It appears the research planner may be broken? When I looked at mine earlier the number of eggs that I needed wasn’t showing and the research tab is blank.
A friend of mine has the same issue with the number of eggs not showing