Spreadsheet Vault by Zami

First things first, a huge thank you to Mechengg and ConfusedKate for all the hard work they put into creating these valuable resources for the community. Sad to see any of these original giants leave, but we all do what we think is best.

A reminder from Mechengg: Probably worth noting, many of these spreadsheets have multiple tabs, remember to check them all out for all of the information.

Important Notes

  • All sheets with a comment of [download link] will come up to a page for you to make a copy to your Drive. For this page to show up, you must be logged into your Google account.

  • All requests for edit access are ignored and deleted. Any community editable sheets will be listed as such.

Zami’s Adopted Spreadsheet Vault

Since I am acquiring other spreadsheets not in the original vault, I think these should go in their own section.

  • Sigil Spender v1.4.6 - [download link] Will let you see how many more sigils you need to finish a line, discounted or not, track out an entire season if you want, and look at sigils spent on a week to week basis. (Original sheet by BadgerWar)

  • Event Start and End Times - Forgot when an event starts and ends? It is listed here. Check the second sheet for the code to embed this into your in-game wiki. Timezone converter for world timezones, War Dragons runs off time in San Francisco, CA USA (Pacific Time).

  • Troop Planner [download link, fill out your info] - This will let you fill out how many trainings you do a day, whether you run Atlas Elite, how many bullhorns per training you use, to see how long you need to make a certain amount of troops.

  • Comparison of Gold and Platinum/Draconic Chests - This is just a quick document I made with screenshots showing cost equivalents of gold chests vs platinum and draconic chests bought with rubies in each type of event and what you will get. May be outdated, use with caution.

  • Zami’s In-game Wiki Pages - pre-formatted wiki pages you can drop into your in-game wiki. Most outdated to some degree, use with caution.

  • Chest Drop Predictor v1.1 [download link, fill out your info] - Fill out with community found chest sequence info, then open a few chests, fill out the appropriate predictor sheet and the sheet will spit out the remaining sequence of returns should you continue to open up to 1k chests. Includes a summary sheet to see your total drops possible.
    Currently only available for gold and sigil (super sigil) chest sequences.

  • Crystal Caves Crystal Info - crystal hp and info per league

  • Lineage Dragons Checklist v1.0 [download link, fill out your info] - For those of you that want to collect them all, here is a simple checklist for keeping track of which lineage dragons you have and need. You will still need to go find cheapest breed pairs to get any dragons you are missing. I highly encourage you to NOT collect all until you reach end game by following a good breeding path.

ConfusedKate’s Spreadsheet Vault

  • Fortification Planner
    A thank you to Mech for the format of this planner. All backend info has been completely redone to allow easier updating.
    Post with the how to video I made.

  • Research Planner v1.2
    Select which research has been completed and filter by Yes to better see what you have left to research. Enter Yes under Want for any research you would like to complete (be sure to watch prerequisites). Enter the number of eggs you have on the Eggs Needed tab and you will see how many tokens you’ll need to complete the research. For more research eggs combos see: Egg token combos for Red eggs - Neon War Dragons

  • Event Chest Drops v1.4.3
    This worksheet allows you to enter the number of chests you open based on the event you choose and will give an average drop rate. It is based on averages, so the more chests you open, the more accurate it will be. Based on Mechengg’s Chest Drop Rates which you can view in his vault below.

“Rider Leveling and Skill Trees” and “Breeding Table” have been permanently removed. Please view Morreion’s website for current and relevant rider and breeding data.

Mechengg’s Spreadsheet Vault

Miscellaneous Game Spreadsheets

  • Zeppelin Mission Table - View egg token and timer payouts from the mission balloon for any tier, with or without elite, and with or without season mission boost.

Event Spreadsheets

  • Event History - History of events back to start of seasons in 2016 and kept updated with tentative schedule of events to come.

Event Prizes

Minor Event Prizes

Major Event Prizes

Team Prizes

Event Information

Chest Drop %'s

Downloadable Worksheets

Atlas Spreadsheets

Information Tables

Atlas Events

Downloadable worksheets

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Thanks for contributing your time to help the community


I’m getting a permissions error on the Fort Planner from the link above, on the link in DataFilesTOC sheet.

(thank you for taking over the vault :slight_smile:)

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Sorry about that, should be fixed now.


Thank you for linking me here :slight_smile:

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Thnx for taking over and maintaining sheets :partying_face:


is 5.0.8 the latest Fort? I think it only goes up to 95?

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5.xx fort planner automatically updates

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wheres that?

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Thank you very much for picking this up.


Thanks Zami :+1:

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It should be fixed now. The files only went to level 95 and I’m not sure why. I uploaded the newest files that go to 100. Please verify the planner does work. You shouldn’t need to download it again, should auto update when my files are updated.


Thank you :heart: :heart:


looks great, thank you!

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Thank you for picking up the hosting of these resources.


Thanks for hosting it, and @moderator why this one is not pinned yet?

Btw, can you check Fortification Planner version 5.0.8, which I assume is the latest.

When I try to fill the builder hut from level 47 to 48, they didn’t give you the wood and the points, even though in reality they used wood and eggs.


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Thank you

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I noticed the same.

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Some of the links dont point to where they should.
A few I noticed:
Kingdom Wars Event prizes-> Fort Event prizes
Fight Pits Event prizes -> Crafting Event prizes
Feeding Event prizes -> Crafting Event prizes
Breeding Event prizes -> Chest Drops


I have fixed the links I think. Please let me know if any others are messed up. I am still working on the fort planner and what went wrong there. I can look at it more after work.